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American Coffee Trader's Cloth Coffee Filter for the AeroPress®

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Unfortunately, production of American Coffee Trader's cloth Aeropress filters has been paused. They are unavailable for the foreseeable future but our fingers are crossed about their glorious comeback.

The American Coffee Trader Filter for the AeroPress® brings a careful design with a simple purpose: providing a clean cup of coffee using environmentally responsible materials. The cloth filter removes the paper taste often caused by the standard AeroPress® filters and allows for more natural oils to make their way into the coffee, providing a more complex body. While the taste difference between paper and cloth filters is most noticeable, American Coffee Trader should also be commended for their all-natural and all-american sourcing and production. The cotton for this filter is organically grown and harvested in Texas, woven in South Carolina, and then carefully sewn together in Boston, MA. The difference in sourcing and production leads to a difference you're sure to taste in the cup.


  • One organic cotton cloth coffee filter included.
  • Filters are reusable and are rated up to at least 40 uses.
  • Designed specifically for the Aerobie AeroPress®.
  • Filter ships vis USPS First Class


  • Discard coffee grounds into the trash and wash off thoroughly.
  • When not using, store in a container of water in the fridge to prevent from drying out.
  • If deeper cleaning is needed after multiple uses, soak in the all-natural Full Circle Cleaner (Put one tablet in 16oz of hot water and soak for 30 minutes).

American Coffee Trader

Using organically grown Texas cotton woven in South Carolina and carefully sewn together in Boston, Massachusetts, American Coffee Trader has created an All-American cloth coffee filter designed remove the paper filter taste from your cups. These reusable cotton filters have a 233 thread count and are rated for up to 80 uses. We currently offer the American Coffee Trader reusable filters for the Hario V60 01, V60 02, and the AeroPress®.