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Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship!

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A shout out to all you Aeropress aficionados out there! The Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship is upon us!

In three days, Relax, It's Just Coffee will play host to this regional competition that will send the winner to a guaranteed spot at the United States Aeropress Championship in Portland, Oregon on April 20th! The event is taking place on Saturday at 6:30 pm in Mansfield, Ohio, equidistant to Cleveland and Columbus. The coordinating of the event is the work of Draw Coffee (check out his mad V60 filter sketching skills) and there will be prizes provided by Baratza, Handome Coffee Roasters, Batdorf & Bronson, Prima, and others. If you are interested, sign up by sending an email to ben(at) For more details on the event, check out the page here!

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