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Ancap Competition Size Cappuccino Cups & Saucers - Italian Porcelain

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SKU: Ancap Competition Cappuccino Cups

No family is without at least one ambitious, competitive personality who, with every opportunity, ramps up the stakes – and the Ancap line is no different. The Torino and Verona styles bring the spirit of competition to Ancap's family of 100% Italian porcelain cups. Cups of these sizes are used in barista competitions around the world, and the intensity of those professional participants can be imitated with either the 5.07 oz Torino or 5.07 oz Verona. But these cups aren't only capable of professionalism – they're crafted with it. Quality materials and precise production techniques yield a vessel that will measure up in every regard, withstanding thermal shock, surviving impact, and retaining temperature. Whether you’re presenting a single cappuccino to a panel of judges, or simply enjoying your morning ritual, Ancap’s competition size vessel is well-suited to your needs. Let the legendary Italian tradition optimize your espresso experience with a competition size cappuccino cup from Ancap, available in two unique styles. If you are looking for a traditional size cappuccino, see our cappuccino cup and saucer listing. To view all our available Ancap size offerings, you can visit our Ancap page.


  • Select style above: Torino (5.07 oz) or Verona (5.07 oz)
  • Order as Singles or in Sets of 6, with saucers included
  • Compare these competition cappuccino cups with the espresso, cappuccino, latte, and jumbo latte sizes

    Those interested in wholesale quantities of 36+ should inquire with Ancap USA.

Model Height Rim Width
Verona 5.1oz 2.24" 3.3"
Torino 5.1oz 2.33" 3.48"


Ancap porcelain cups are created with the highest quality ingredients and fired at extremely high temperatures to produce the most durable espresso, cappuccino, and latte cups you can find. All of these cups are made in Italy, just outside Sona in their sprawling 215,000 square foot warehouse. The Italian tradition of high quality porcelain shines through in the cups as they give off a glossy luster, a product of the combination of the quality of ingredients used and their exclusive production techniques. We're happy to be able to offer the Ancap's Italian cups in four sizes and four styles.
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