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Appaloosa Hawkbill Smooth Briar Espresso Tamper

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While the original Appaloosa Hawkbill has been sold, we are more than happy to indulge requests for this style of tamper. Please note that every tamper's grain will have its own unique characteristics, and thus each will be one of a kind. Still in love with this style? Contact us today!

The Appaloosa Hawkbill Smooth Briar Espresso Tamper is named for its strong form as well as its beauty. Specifically, I named this tamper after the Hawkbill pipe shape and the Appaloosa horses bred by the Nez Perce peoples in the American West. It was the bird’s eye spots fading into concentrated colors that reminded me of the coat colors in Appaloosas. The Appaloosa is a legendary horse known for its rugged characteristics and unique spotted coloring. When the explorer Meriwether Lewis first encountered the Appaloosa among the Nez Perce he wrote, “Their horses appear to be of an excellent race; they are lofty, eligantly [sic] formed, active and durable.” That sounds like a fitting description of the Appaloosa Hawkbill Smooth Espresso Tamper. It is elegant in pattern, well formed as well as durable.

The large head of the Appaloosa Hawkbill fills the hand without feeling cumbersome and the narrow neck provides a good grip for a barista’s fingers. The grain pattern, which helped name the Appaloosa Hawkbill, is exceptionally diverse even for the Cavendish Series. One side has rich bird's eye that gives way to sweeping yet subtle patterns on the other side. On the head, between the diverse grain patterns stands a naturally sculpted shape preserved from the original bark texture. This surface is a ruggedly aesthetic reminder of the rough burl from which this handle came. Like its equine namesake, the Appaloosa Hawkbill will serve as a reliable and attractive companion.

- M.J.A.

Handle and 58mm Flat Base:

Height:4 1/4"
Width:1 3/4"
Weight: ~14.4 oz

Handle Only:

Height: 3 5/8"
Width:1 15/16"
Weight: ~3.5 oz

58mm Flat Base Only:

Height: 3/4"
Width:2 5/16"
Weight: ~10.7 oz
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