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BWT 9684 - In Tank Water Filter and Softener

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Best Cup In Tank Water Filter and Softener
SKU: 9684

The most common culprit of espresso machine troubles is scale build-up in the boiler due to hard water. The good news is that this problem is avoidable by testing your water hardness. If your water exceeds 3 grains of hardness we recommend using a water softener to help guard from scale build-up. This water filter and softener is an in-tank option which attaches to the bottom of your water reservoir and has a place for the in-tank hose to connect to. If you're planning on directly connecting your machine to a water source, see our Direct Plumbed Softening and Filtration System.


  • This softener is an in-tank softener which will attach via suction cup to the bottom of the water reservoir tank.
  • Each filter contains 100 grams of softener resin which capable of softening 13 gallons (49 Liters) of water at 10 grains and 26 gallons (98 Liters) at 5 grains. Includes one filter cartridge, you can add extra In Tank Softener and Filter Cartridges by selecting "Click for Available Options" above.
  • In addition to the water softener, this contains a carbon filter which will remove odor and improve the overall taste of your water.
  • Please make sure your machine has an open reservoir on top large enough for the filter to fit in.
  • Machine needs to have an intake hose to be able to connect to the filter
  • Dimensions: 5" H x 4" W

Best Water Technology

Best Water Technology is a German company committed to offering high quality water filtration systems. Through research and technical expertise, BWT has created filter cartridges that are quick to install and include a 4 level water filtration. For the best water filtration system for your espresso machine, look no further than Best Water Technology.
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