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Ascaso I-2 Espresso Grinder - Conical Burrs with Doser

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Ascaso coffee grinders are beautiful, colorful, and most importantly, solid grinding machines. These Ascaso grinders have a Micrometric Regulation System (MRS), also known as stepless adjustment, to control the quality and consistency of the grinds. This allows for precise adjustments to the grind setting, necessary for properly dialing in your espresso grind. The I-2 Doser version includes flat burrs with a manual doser.

  • Includes doser for easy grinding directly into the filter basket. Doser cannot be removed.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: Allows you to precisely adjust the grind.
  • Simple Manual Operation: Simple on/off switch on the side of the grinder as well as an automatic on/off under the dispensing chute for fast grinding directly to a filter.
  • Easy to Clean: To clean simply remove the bean hopper and cover. Can be completed in as little as 2 minutes.
  • Large Hopper: Stores 1.3 pounds of coffee beans (enough for about 60 shots of espresso).
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor limited to manufacturer's defect.
  • Please Note: It can take between 3-5 minutes to turn the stepless adjustment knob to change settings from french press to espresso grind.
  • *The Ascaso espresso coffee grinder is mainly suited for grinding for espresso only. Returns are not accepted if you purchase this grinder for other coffee brewing methods.
  • Manufacturer
    Housing Material
    Hopper Capacity
    Motor Power
    List Price
  • Ascaso
    I-2D - Doser with Flat Burrs
    11 lbs/hr


    600 g

    6.4" W x 16.25" H x 10.5" D

    9.3 lbs

    110 volts

    250 W



Ascaso was established in 1962 in Barcelona with the goal of manufacturing components for espresso machines. Fifty years later, while still continuing their production of espresso machine parts, the company has turned the family business towards manufacturing their own range of coffee machines for both home and the office. Ascaso has been able to produce machines that offer premium features at a reasonable price to those just beginning their journey into the realm of high quality home espresso. The Ascaso Dream offers a stylish and budget friendly option while the Ascaso Steel series offers a modern stainless build with even more features, including the ability to steam and brew at the same time with the Steel Duo models. Ascaso's line of espresso grinders are offered in conical or flat burrs, in doser version or doserless, and in multiple colors.