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The Newbie

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Newbies love gear that's simple, affordable, and forgiving. Without much experience, any curious coffee-lover can pick up this kind of equipment and crank out a totally tasty brew. Just pray that they remember you when they make it big.

If you're shopping for a Newbie – or you are one yourself – visit our Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers to see what we recommend.

Prima Coffee

We are Prima Coffee Equipment, your guides to coffee geekdom. We love to try new coffees, test new gear, and teach others as we learn new things. Where we've seen gaps in the available barista tools and technology, we've sought to fill them as best we can, utilizing skilled, local craftsmen and American materials. From handmade espresso accessories to scale-compatible pour over stands to the first adjustable angle tamper, our sights are set on innovation and we're determined to bring you the best in coffee and espresso equipment.