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Monkey Mocha Fantastique - A Comedic Short - Louisville Premier

Promotional Poster for monkey mocha fantastique

Screenwriter and Louisville barista Timothy Strader will be debuting his new short comedy film Monkey Mocha Fantastique on Saturday, April 14, at 6:30 pm at Sunergos Coffee, 306 W Woodlawn Avenue. The film was directed by William Wallace II and produced by Wallace Fllm. Check out the synopsis and trailer below!

Baratza Encore Review: Is a $129 Espresso Grinder Possible?

baratza encore maestro plus espresso grounds

It's quite the claim, but we say "yes!" In this review, we investigate Baratza's promise and see if an espresso grinder can actually be bought for this astounding price.

Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship!

A shout out to all you Aeropress aficionados out there! The Northeast Regional Aeropress Championship is upon us!

Click through below for the details.

Prima Coffee Equipment is Hiring

prima coffee equipment position

Indeed, the rumors are true, we are hiring. If you have barista experience or some serious self-taught coffee and espresso brewing knowledge, we'd love to have you.

Baratza Encore Grinder Announced: Maestro Series Rides Off Into the Sunset

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Baratza has announced the release of their newest entry-level home coffee grinder. The Baratza Encore (more on this in a bit) has taken the Maestro Plus’s spot as the baddest entry-level home grinder on the planet. This announcement is bittersweet for me, as this means saying goodbye to the Maestro name. I (Matt) have been the proud owner of a Baratza Maestro for almost two and a half years now. It has been the best coffee investment I’ve made (or rather my wife made on my behalf when she gave it to me as a Christmas present). It has been the perfect home coffee grinder for the ridiculous variety of manual brewing devices I own. For someone who didn’t need a grinder for espresso, the Maestro has been perfect.

Video: How We Make the Cavendish Series Briar Tampers

Handcrafted Espresso Tampers

We thought it would be fun to show you a little of what goes into making one of our Cavendish Series Briar Tampers. The specific tamper in this video is the Calabash Royal Smooth Tamper. Enjoy!

Morning Coffee Brewing Routine Video on the Hario V60

I decided to film a quick video of my morning brewing routine the other day and wanted to post it up here along with a few notes. Every morning I brew coffee for both my wife and myself. I'll switch up the brewing method, but my go-to is the Hario V60. My batches run between 500-600mL (17-20ozs). Before the video started, I had already weighed out 35 grams of coffee and pre-rinsed my filter.

Baristas Celebrate Valentines Day with Latte Heart Art

Happy Valentine's Day baristas! To celebrate Valentine's Day, we asked baristas from all over to send us pictures of their Latte Art hearts. Enjoy the gallery of the pours we were sent below and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Free Bonavita Brewer & Google+ Hangout

Congrats to Nick DiMedio, Winner of our Bonavita Giveaway.

For anyone who likes free stuff...

No catch involved. We love to give away great coffee equipment and are excited about giving someone the new Stainless Bonavita Auto Brewer (normally sold for $149). For more info on the brewer, check out the product listing or the blog post Lee wrote on adjusting the temperature.

Cafe Snapshots: Los Angeles

Los Angeles coffee shops on a map

I (Matt) was fortunate enough to visit family in sunny California this past week and took the opportunity to visit some cafes in the L.A. area. I was fairly unaware of the coffee scene around L.A. before visiting, but came away impressed with a well developed coffee culture. Unfortunately, I coudn't make it around to all the shops I wanted to visit (see the list at the end of the post), but I did make it to four shops: Caffe Luxxe (Santa Monica), Paper or Plastik (L.A.), Intelligentsia (Venice), and Element Coffee (Camarillo). Highlights from these shops were: sensory station at Caffe Luxxe that allowed you to smell the grounds of the three coffees they were offering via pour-over, the option of six different single origin coffees to choose from at Element Cafe, having multiple roasters to choose from at Paper or Plastic, and being served up a tasty capp at one of my all-time favorite coffee bars, Intelligentsia Venice.

Experimenting with Bonavita Brewing Temperatures

Bonavita auto brewer filter

Not Just Your Average Auto Brewer

I think we've made it obvious that we really love the Bonavita coffee maker. The Bonavita has proven itself to be temperature stable, producing a consistently quality cup of coffee, time after time, with lots of ease.

Win a Free Yama 5 Cup Siphon Brewer

"Like" Our Prima Coffee Equipment Facebook Page For a Chance to Win a Siphon Brewer!

UPDATE: This contest has officially ended.

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

Once we reach 300 Facebook fans, we will be giving away a free 5 Cup Yama Siphon Vac Pot Brewer to one of those fans.

Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle

Enter to Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle! (THE CONTEST IS OVER)

Congratulations @Dubtron9000 on winning the Electric Kettle!

Bonavita Electric Kettle From Prima Coffee

With the advent of our newest favorite manual brewing product, we decided that a great way to celebrate would be by giving one away! Therefore, from today (Friday, December 2) until Sunday night (December 4), we are giving away one of the new Bonavita Electric Kettles

NYC Coffee Scene

new york coffee

For those that don't know, NYC just so happens to be the place to get good coffee on the east coast. By and large, the east coast has been behind the specialty coffee curve, but things are starting to change.

Kalita Wave: Guest Barista Review - Part Two

 185 Ceramic Kalita Wave Dripper

Welcome to the second of our two part guest barista review on the Kalita Wave pour over method! Last week, Collin Moody of Cafe Streets reviewed the 155 Series for us. John spent time on the 185 series for us, discussing his brewing method and the difference between the Wave's flat bottom geometry and conical manual brewers.

John Letoto's review of the 185 Series Wave Dripper

John serves as lead roaster for Quills Coffee in Louisville. John's interest and passion for specialty coffee has helped to raise the quality of coffee and coffee bars in Louisville, and he was a forerunner and resource for many of us here in town. You can follow John at @hermitudinous and be sure to check out his blog for all things coffee, espresso, and roasting at hermitudinousdotcom.

Kalita Wave: Guest Barista Review - Part One

Kalita Wave Dripper

This is the first of our two part guest barista review on the Kalita Wave pour over brewing method. For these reviews, we bring you Collin Moody ( @CollinAMoody ) reviewing the 155 Series, and John Letoto ( @hermitudinous ) reviewing the 185 Series.

Collin Moody's review of the 155 Series Kalita Wave Dripper

Collin is from Houston, Texas but currently lives in Chicago and serves as the lead barista at Caffe Streets in the Wicker Park neighborhood of West Town, Chicago. He's an avid home brewer and has contributed some great posts to the coffee community. Check out his blog, brewtasterepeat . But for now, check out his review below:

Free Home Espresso Machine Starter Kit

In an effort to better help our home espresso machine customers be ready to brew out of the box, we've decided to include a free espresso machine starter kit with the purchase of select espresso machines.

The kit options will vary depending on machine so make sure to click through and check out what the kit includes. There are some size variations available with our espresso glasses and steaming pitchers, so send us an e-mail or give us a call (888-837-7892) to discuss your options. Continue reading after the break to see a list of all qualifying espresso machines.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression

la marzocco strada ep

My first trip to NY was a whirlwind. I spent twice as much time on a bus as I did in the city and just as much time walking as I did at the La Marzocco Strada EP event co-sponsored by Counter Culture Coffee. So why go through the hassle? Awesome Chinese food and free espresso....oh and some fancy machine called a Strada. No not a Strat but a Strada. Okay, so maybe the grub from Chinatown and the free drinks were a welcome surprise to the trip and maybe I already knew a few things about the latest big thing from La Marzocco, but nonetheless I would do it again every weekend for the rest of the summer if I could. Needless to say, the hour and a half I was able to spend with both the machine and new friends in the coffee community made the journey worth it and made me excited about the future of espresso. You can find details about the machine and why the coffee world won't be able to ignore it below.

Dogwood Coffee, Minneapolis MN: Shop Review

Last week I was on vacation up in my old stomping grounds, the upper, Upper Midwest, and thought I better check out a new coffee shop - one with which I was not yet acquainted. I had done some research and heard good things online about Dogwood Coffee in Minneapolis, so I worked out a time to meet with my sister (who lives up there) and we headed down Hennepin Ave in search of adventure.

Dogwood Coffee and their espresso setup

First Impressions

Dogwood is located in an entrance to the Calhoun Square Mall so it is easily accessible from both inside and outside the mall. When you first walk in the doors, you are immediately greeted by the welcoming smell of good coffee and find yourself looking at one of three "islands" for the shop, each station serving a particular purpose. A large amount of space is devoted to preparing coffee and serving it, and the baristas have a lot of elbow room for working. See here for an overhead view of the shop: Dogwood Coffee Bar.

The middle island, and the one you first reach, is the customer service island where you place your order. We ordered - I puchased a shot of the Burundi offering, pulled into two demitasses, one served straight and the other as a macchiato - and paid. While we waited for our drinks I chatted a little with the barista who took my order and educated me on the history of Dogwood. From its inception, it seems that Dogwood has been founded on a love of great coffee and a desire to share that as a great experience with the community. You can find more specifics of its history here: Dogwood About Us Page & this blog post detailing Dogwood's decision to split from Bull Run Roasting Co.

Coava KONE 2: Review

review of the 2nd generation Kone

The good folks at Coava are keeping busy. Coava Coffee Roasters is a shop and micro-roastery located in Portland, Oregon who have, over the last year, started producing some very innovative new brewing devices for specialty coffee. Last year, they introduced the Kone, a metal filter designed for pour over brewing in a Chemex. The responses were great, as reviewers highlighted the benefits of the Kone being reusable, made fully in the United States, and that it allowed more oils than paper filters, allowing for a more nuanced cup. I received the new generation Kone a little over a week ago, and was able to spend time brewing on it over the past several days.

Basic Parameters

For a frame of reference, my grinder was the Preciso, my pouring kettle was the Buono with the flow restrictor from Barismo, and I stuck to a beginning-of-the-pour water temperature of 199 degrees for each brew to limit at least one variable. For those who might be curious, I used Quills Coffee's Nicaragua Taza de Sabor and Barismo's Costa Rica Don Mayo, Finca El Llano, both very delicious washed Central American coffees.