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Barista Bash 004

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Barista Bash 004

The Anchorage Cafe

11505 Park Rd

Friday, December 3rd

8pm - Whenever

  • Presentation by Jaime van Schyndel of Barismo.
  • All sorts of free coffee roasted by the best from all over.
  • The Best Cup Competition (read below).
  • Espresso and coffee playroom... just a free-for-all with some mighty fine equipment and coffee.
    Special guest: Luminaire's LB-1 water delivery system.

With any coffee and method of their choosing, competitors will have 10 minutes to brew their best cup for 3 judges. Contestants will be judged in three main categories of criteria: knowledge of the coffee and method used, taste of the coffee, and presentation. If you would like to register to compete, fill out the form below.

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Register for the bestcupcomp!

Fill out the form below to register for the competition.
For detailed rules and regulations please click here.

Please enter your first and last name.
Please enter the coffee you will be competing with.
Please enter the brewing method you will be using.
If you have any questions or comments about the competition, please include them here. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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