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Barista Bash 001 Invite

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Last Friday, Peter and I spent the majority of our work day meandering throughout Louisville, visiting as many coffee shops as we could. The primary purpose for this venture was to make people aware of Prima Coffee's existence, and, secondarily, to invite baristas -- and anyone else interested -- to our very first Prima Coffee event, Barista Bash 001.

Funky nomenclature and numerology notwithstanding, we're planning this little shindig with the hopes that it will be Louisville's very first barista jam that would be worth writing home about. There have been several events (tastings, mini-jams, jams) that have taken place over the past year or so, but nothing, to the best of my knowledge, has been large enough to actually warrant closing down a shop for the evening just to throw a coffee party. With Bash 001, we'd like to set a high standard for everything else coffee-related that happens in Louisville.

We're pulling into town Chris Deferio of The Coffee Institute. Baristas from around town will get an opportunity to play with a paddle-group machine, something many of them have not even heard of. Coffees will be brewed and offered using Hario equipment, the stuff of the "slow coffee" movement that has become increasingly popular over the past year. Best of all, baristas will have an opportunity to meet many of their peers in a coffee-centric setting, an opportunity that has been sorely missing from Louisville's coffee scene.

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