Free Bonavita Brewer & Google+ Hangout

For anyone who likes free stuff...

~ Update: This Contest Has Ended, Congrats to Our Winner Nick DiMedio! ~

No catch involved. We love to give away great coffee equipment and are excited about giving someone the new Stainless Bonavita Auto Brewer (normally sold for $149). For more info on the brewer, check out the product listing or the blog post we wrote on adjusting the temperature.

How do you enter the contest? It's pretty easy, just add us (Prima Coffee Equipment) to one of your circles on Google+ (preferably a coffee related one, but we also like good music and food). If we can get 700 people to add us by Monday, February 20th, we will randomly choose one of those people to receive a free Bonavita Brewer. In fact, if we make it over 700 faster than we thought, we may just up the ante with a bigger and better prize after we have sent out the Bonavita... but we'll see about that.

Don't have a google+ account? No problem! Just go here to make one and then make sure to add us to your circles once you have made one (the accounts are free too!).

Contest Details

  1. Create or login to your google+ account.
  2. Add Prima Coffee Equipment to one of your circles.
  3. Wait with nervous anticipation.
  4. Monitor us on google+, twitter, and facebook to see the winner announced once we have reached our goal of 700.
  5. Add Matt Galyon and Lee Sill to your circles while waiting (this is NOT a required step).

Starting on Friday: Google Coffee Brewing Hangouts

lee and matt at prima coffee

One of the things we are excited about with Google+ is the Hangouts feature. While videos have been gaining popularity for products and demonstrating brewing methods, conversation is generally limited to the comments below the post where the video is found. Google Hangouts changes this because it will allow a brewing demonstration to be performed live, while allowing questions, ideas, comments, and suggestions right there at the moment of brewing.

Therefore, we are going to begin using Hangouts for brewing demonstrations and even potentially releasing news of new products. Want to get in on it? Join us this Friday (February 10) at 2-3pm EST for our first one. Matt & Lee will be going over home brewing basics and highlighting the Stainless Bonavita Automatic Machine we are giving away in this contest. Our goal is to keep these Hangouts short and sweet so you enjoy showing up and watching, but don't necessarily have to interact and you won't have to give up your afternoon to watch it.

In any case, feel free to use the buttons on the left side of your screen to tweet, post, and mention this contest (and Friday's hangout) to your friends so there is a better chance of making our 700 goal.

Hope you win!

* No purchase necessary, past employees and relatives of people employed at Prima Coffee Equipment are not eligible to win, winner must have a shipping address inside the 48 contigous states. Winner must contact us within 24 hours of the announcement to claim the Bonavita Brewer.

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Melitta #4! (They come with a few to get you started.) Good luck!

what kind of filters does it take??? (I'm anticipating my winning ;)

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