Hario Buono V60 Electric Kettle!

We've gotten confirmation from our distributor of Hario products that they're bringing in, among other things, an electric version of the Buono V60 water kettle. As someone that loves the pouring qualities of the kettle, I often find myself heating water in another electric kettle first, then transferring that water to the Buono.

Transfer no longer needed!

We're not certain about when we'll get this in, but we'll definitely let you know as soon as it happens. Based on the model numbers, I'm guessing the electric comes in a smaller size, but I'm not sure. We'll know more soon.

After much anticipation, Hario's Electric Buono is now available for purchase!

Visit Electric Buono Listing

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Yeah, that Buono will be cool if it ever comes out! We'll keep trying for ya!

but the hario looks a lot more stylin! the bonavita is probably great... thanks for the quick response.  Seems like there's no telling if/when the hario will be available in the United States.

Not sure about the Hario, but we love the Bonavita electric, and you can find that here!  http://prima-coffee.com/catalog/bonavita-10-liter-electric-pouring-kettle-30895

what about the Hario electric kettle?

Bonavita Electric Pouring Kettle is here. http://prima-coffee.com/catalog/bonavita-10-liter-electric-pouring-kettle-30895

Fantastic!! Thanks so much!!

Wow. So, no lie, our shipment just arrived literally 15 minutes ago! We should be getting the listing up by the end of the day, and they will be available to purchase very soon!!

It looks like the BonaVita still isn't in. Will it be available before Christmas, and do you have a price point? Thanks! (different guest)

Not on the Hario, but we have some great news on a new brand, BonaVita.  They have an electric and non-electric pour-over kettle option, which we should have by the end of the month.  Also, we will be carrying their new automatic home coffee brewer. All of these items have been certified by the SCAA, making that the first electric pouring kettle and the second home brewer to do so.  Keep on the look out!  We will have them listed soon; until then you can check out this link: http://bona-vita.biz/docs/11-BV-3825B%20Spec%20LR.pdf

Any more new info about this?

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