Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Coffee Lover

Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Coffee Lover

Nov 2nd 2015 Written by steve.rhinehart

The giving season, as wonderful as it is, can get challenging. You might know your special person is a coffee buff, but sometimes ideas can run dry from there. Don’t worry though! Prima Coffee’s got your back. We’ve put together a little gift guide to make your holiday shopping just that much easier.

The giving season, as wonderful as it is, can get challenging. You might know your special person is a coffee buff, but sometimes ideas can run dry from there. Don’t worry though! Prima Coffee’s got your back. We’ve put together a little gift guide to make your holiday shopping just that much easier.

We've picked some our favorite coffee personalities to help you find the perfect gift. Got a husband who's a busy commuter but loves great coffee? We've got you covered. A sister who's a habitual early-adopter, with a collection of hip new devices? Yep, there's a gift for her too. Take a look!

Coffee gifts for travel

The Commuter

They might live the busy life, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to give up the precious comfort of a good brew. The Commuter will, however, always take their coffee to go, thank you.

  • Keepcup


    Take your favorite brew to go with a top-notch travel cup from KeepCup.

    Grab a KeepCup
  • Bonavita BV1900TS

    Bonavita BV1900TS

    An SCAA-certified automatic brewer with a great thermal carafe.

    Brew a full pot
  • Zojirushi

    Zojirushi Thermal Carafe

    Take up to 1.9 L of hot coffee on the road, and keep it warm for hours!

    Get one for the road
  • Aeropress


    Brew a fresh cup at the office in minutes, and cleanup is a cinch.

    Brew on the go
  • Baratza Vario-W

    Baratza Vario-W

    Who needs a scale? The Vario-W weighs out the perfect amount of grounds every time.

    Grind happier
  • Convenient Coffee Kit

    Convenient Coffee Kit

    With a burr grinder and an automatic brewer, our kit's got everything you need to kickstart your morning.

    Get the whole kit
Coffee gifts for the coffee artist

The Coffee Artist

Craft is paramount to the Coffee Artist, and brewing is their medium of choice. They express themselves through the elements of coffee, and they do it well.

  • Kalita Wave Style Set

    Kalita Wave Style Set

    Beautiful and functional, this dripper set will be the centerpiece of any coffee collection.

    Brew beautifully
  • Gino Decanter

    GINO Decanter

    Show off those beautiful brews with this elegantly designed double-wall glass decanter.

    Serve in style
  • Hario Olivewood Server

    Hario Olivewood Servers

    Display your brews with the timeless style and elegance of olivewood, with these beautiful servers by Hario.

    Discover timeless style
  • Orphan Espresso Lido 3

    Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 Grinder

    Manual grinding enthusiasts love being more connected to the brewing process, and the LIDO 3 is by far one of the best hand grinders on the market tod

    Grind by hand
  • Coffeesock Filters

    CoffeeSock Filters

    These reusable cloth filters add a unique balance of body and clarity to your brews

    Try a new kind of brew
  • Takahiro Kettle

    Takahiro Kettle

    A superb pouring kettle, renowned for its control and solid construction.

    Pour better
The Iced Coffee Aficionado

The Iced Coffee Aficionado

Embracing the chill of the season, the Iced Coffee Aficionado believes that a cold brew is appropriate year ‘round. Calm and cool, they’re not interested in rushing their coffee and believe some things in life ought to be taken a bit slower.

  • Cold Bruer

    Cold Bruer

    Cold Bruer offers pure, simple, and sweet cold-drip coffee

    Try Bruer
  • Hario Mizudashi

    Hario Mizudashi

    By far one of the easiest ways to make delicious cold brew at home.

    Brew cooler
  • Yama Cold brew Tower

    Yama Cold Brew Tower

    Show off your love for cold brew with this splendid cold drip tower.

    Make a statement
  • Hario Fretta

    Hario Fretta

    Flash-brewing preserves aroma and acidity, for even more refreshing iced coffee.

    Flash brew with Fretta
The Exuberant Enthusiast

The Exuberant Enthusiast

If you have one of these in your life, you know it. They are the scientists of coffee, and you can’t have a conversation with them without hearing a long explanation on the process of a perfect extraction.

  • Acaia Lunar Shot Scale

    Acaia Lunar Shot Scale

    If espresso's your game, the Lunar is the scale for you. Compact, precise, and totally waterproof - it can't be beat!

    Brew with the best
  • Baratza Forte

    Baratza Forté

    One of the best home grinders on the market, and ideal for the coffee perfectionist in your life.

    Give a better grind
  • Variable Temp Pouring Kettle

    Variable Temp Pouring Kettle

    An all-around great kettle with temperature control and a precise pouring spout.

    Control your brews
  • Digital Pocket Thermometer

    Digital Pocket Thermometer

    A staple of every enthusiast's repertoire, this quick-read digital thermometer is a must-have.

    Read on for more
  • Global CUstomized Water AB Formula

    Global Customized Water AB Formula

    Precisely balanced for better coffee, and it sure makes a great stocking stuffer!

    Give perfect water
  • Hottop Home Roaster

    Hottop Home Roaster

    Home roasting is the gift that keeps on giving: endless fresh coffee, and even more control over your home brews.

    Roast your own
The Newbie

The Newbie

Everybody's coffee journey has to start somewhere, but with all the options out there it can be daunting. Our gifts for the coffee newbie will make it easy for their budding love for coffee to blossom into something beautiful - like exuberance, or fanaticism!

  • Campus Coffee Kit

    Campus Coffee Kit

    Everything you need for a basic brewing setup: an easy-to-use Aeropress, a small travel kettle, and a KeepCup to take your brews on the road

    Your first coffee kit
  • Clever Coffee Dripper

    Clever Coffee Dripper

    The Clever is by far our favorite first brewer. It's easy to pick up, and brews an effortlessly tasty cup of coffee

    Brew a Clever cup
  • Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

    Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

    This kettle is a breeze to use and is accurate within 1 degree of your temperature setting. It's like training wheels for coffee (and tea) brewing!

    Take control
  • Hario Metal French Press

    Hario Metal French Press

    The french press is a classic brewer that's a cinch to use, and Hario's high-quality glass and steel french press is the perfect model to start with.

    Your first press
  • Jennings Scale

    Jennings Scale

    A scale is one of our must-have investments for coffee, and this Jennings will get you started on the right foot.

    Get Jennings Precision
  • Hario Mini Mill Slim

    Hario Mini Mill Slim

    We strongly recommend picking up a burr grinder to use at home, and the Hario Slim Mill is no slouch.

    Grind fresh
The Espresso Connoisseur

The Espresso Connoisseur

It’s about the shots for the Espresso Connoisseur (and the crema and the flavor notes and the blend and the grind size and the pounds per pressure each tamp). They’re willing to go that extra mile in their avid pursuit of the perfect pull.

  • Rancilio Silvia

    Rancilio Silvia

    A high-performance and time-tested home espresso machine with commercial parts and classic style

    Meet Miss Silvia
  • Cavendish Tamper

    Cavendish Tamper

    Our hand-made briar tampers are all one of a kind and made to order.

    View the Cavendish Series
  • Grindenstein Knockbox

    Grindenstein Knockbox

    Help keep your home barista's counter clean with their very own knockbox. Perfect for holding spent pucks and stray grounds

    Knock it clean
  • Alex Duetto

    Alex Duetto 3 Espresso Machine

    Dual boilers, an E-61 grouphead, pre-infusion and PID control. It may as well be called the "Dream Machine."

    See the specs
  • Ancap Cups and Saucers

    Ancap Porcelain Cups and Saucers

    Ancap's high-quality Italian porcelain is not only stylish, it's some of the most durable stuff out there. Dress up your shots and capps with a matched set of cups and saucers.

    Serve shots in style
  • Latte Art pitcher

    Hario X Hiroshi Latte Art Pitcher

    Pour like a pro with this special edition pitcher by Hario and Hiroshi Sawada

    Steam it up
The Siphonista

The Siphonista

Stylish and sophisticated, the Siphonista likes their coffee with a dash of class. They value the sleek simplicity which is the siphon brew method, as it tends to go well with their minimalist decor.

  • Yama Tabletop Siphon

    Yama Tabletop Siphon

    This is one of our most popular siphons, perfect for tableside brewing. Just like Gran used to make!

    Say hello to the siphon
  • Bamboo Stirring Paddle

    Bamboo Stirring Paddle

    Bamboo won't scratch or break your glass, and the shape is perfect for controlled agitation of your coffee slurry.

    Pick up a paddle
  • Hario Sommelier

    Hario Sommelier

    The Sommelier siphon allows you to savor your coffee as you would a fine wine. The design emphasizes aromas and accentuates a clean and vibrant cup of coffee.

    Savor your siphon brews
  • Butane Burner for Siphones

    Butane Burner for Siphons

    Upgrade your siphon brews with even better heat management, with this easy-to-use butane burner

    Check it out
  • Hario Beam Heater

    Hario Beam Heater

    This halogen Beam Heater is the ultimate gift for a siphon lover, and a huge upgrade over an alcohol lamp.

    See what's new
The Gadget Lover

The Gadget-Lover

If there’s Kickstarter for some techy brewing device, the Gadget-Lover is ready to back it. A child of the modern era, they embrace all that the 20th century has to offer (even if it’s a kettle which sends texts to their smartphone when it’s reached the proper temperature).

  • Crossland CC1

    Crossland CC1

    Electronic controls, programmable (almost) everything, a built-in PID, and all the whiz-bang gizmos you could ask for!

    Welcome to Espresso 2.0
  • Espro Press

    Espro Press

    A truly unique french press, the Espro Press uses dual stage filtering, and kicked butt on Kickstarter!

    Press your best
  • Pearl scale

    Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale

    Built-in Bluetooth and a companion mobile app - this is some high-tech coffee geekery!

    Take a peek
  • Bellman Steamer

    Bellman Steamer

    More of an old school gadget, the Bellman puts the power of steam (and delicious microfoam) right at your fingertips.

    Kick it old school
  • Able Kone Filter

    Able Kone Filter

    Another Kickstarter success! The stainless steel Kone permanent filter is a truly unique way to brew a Chemex or V60.

    Kone you dig it?
  • Cafe Solo Brewer

    Cafe Solo Brewer

    Like something out of a spy movie, the neoprene jacket and stainless filter belie the simple genius of this brewer.

    Go Solo

Not sure any of the above fit somebody on your list? Give us a shout - by email, by phone, you can even tweet us - and our team will help you pick the right gift to make you a holiday hero this year.

Nov 2nd 2015 steve.rhinehart

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