Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle

Bonavita Kettle

Enter to Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle! (THE CONTEST IS OVER)

Congratulations @Dubtron9000 on winning the Electric Kettle!

Bonavita Electric Kettle From Prima Coffee

How do you enter? Just take these three steps:

  1. Visit the Bonavita Electric Kettle page.
  2. Once on the Bonavita page, click on the "tweet" button (on the left side of your screen).
  3. Tweet the provided link to the page (and make sure our handle @primacoffee is in it).

... and that's it. On Monday, December 5 we will randomly draw the name of one of those people who tweeted the page to their followers and send them a free Bonavita Electric Kettle!

So spread the word and tweet away!

This contest is over, but the Bonavita Kettle is still for sale at the great price of $59.99! So, keep an eye on our Deals page for other deals, and head over to the Bonavita Kettle Listing to purchase one of these great electric kettles for yourself.

If you are interested in gathering more information about other pouring kettles we carry, make sure to check out the "Comparison of Pouring Kettles" blogpost that gives unique features of each kettle and provides opportunity to purchase the one you decide upon.

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I *JUST* was told about this thing after **** about how stupidly expensive the Hario Buono is (no non-electric kettle is worth that much) and was lamenting the fact that no electric alternative was on the market. One of the kind folks at pointed me to this awesome kettle and now I'm gunning for it. We'll see if Santa (my wife) decides I've been nice enough this year to have one, but Twitter Santa would have been awesome as well. Wow-- thank you for finally bringing this product to market. I have no idea why it took so long to get this out there, but I'll be telling all my coffee snob friends and family about it. HOORAY!


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