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Barista Bash 003 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came out for the Prima Coffee Barista Bash 003 hosted by Java Brewing Company on Friday night! There was a great turn out with both new and familiar faces in attendance.

A special thanks goes out to the folks lending their talents for the event. Kenny and Darren of Sunergos Coffee were kind enough to offer up their skills for the latte art classes and they did a great job teaching us novices. Sarah Welder and Sarah Buker of Java gave an excellent demonstration on brewing with the french press method. Phil Revell of Quills Coffee and Chris Heiniger of Sunergos brewed up some delicious coffee while demonstrating both the V60 and Chemex pour over methods. And our very own Matt Galyon and friend of Prima Brian Moats finished up the brewing demos with the Yama Syphon method, which of course drew an intrigued crowd! And to Kenny (winner of the Barista Bash 002 latte art competition), Matt Argo of The Anchorage Cafe, and Nathan Quillo, owner of Quills, for judging throughout the night!

Great coffee was to be had throughout the night, whether brewed or pulled. Mike Safai of Safai Coffee & Tea roasted several pounds of tasty coffees and donated them just for the Bash. Chris Cockrell of La Grange Coffee Roasters provided some delicious coffees as usual at the Bashes, and we are always grateful. And some of the folks from Alliance World Coffees made the trip down from Muncie to hang out and compete in the latte art competition, and donated some coffee as well to the Bash. You gotta love the coffee community!

Congratulations to the winners of the night! Josh Monroe of Java won the raffle prize for the night, which included a $10 gift certificate to Prima Coffee, a sweet Barista Magazine shirt, and a one year membership to the Barista Guild of America. Barista Bash 001 winner Chris Heiniger came in second in the latte art competition this time around, winning a Prima Coffee shirt, subscription to Barista Magazine, and $10 gift certificate. Sarah Reynolds of Alliance came down and became the first non Louisvillian to win the competition and surely made Muncie proud! The first place prizes included a Prima shirt, a Barista Magazine subscription, a $25 gift certificate to Prima Coffee, and a Prima Coffee tamper.

Thanks to Chris Lavenson and Stephen Ripley for being so accomodating and for being great hosts, as well as to the other Java baristas who worked so hard throughout the night. Thanks to Cameron Deeb for emceeing the events, and to Michelle Jones of Consuming Louisville for helping spread the word. The photos you see on the blog were provided by Brian Moats. Nice work! To everyone who came out and got excited about coffee and its awesomeness, we really appreciate your support and for supporting these great baristas who prepare coffee and espresso with excellence every day.

Until next time!

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why does Kenny always look unrealistically buff in these pictures?

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