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This past weekend, after already spending time in Seattle for Coffee Fest, I found myself northwest of Louisville once more. This time, I was a mere five hours away in the Windy City. What's a coffee nut to do, you ask? Why, head on over to Intelligentsia's Millennium Park Coffeebar, of course!
It was there that I enjoyed three delicious, demitasse lick-worthy offerings: A single-origin Kurimi espresso, a Kurimi machiato, and a Black Cat espresso. Jeff, the barista directly responsible for my pleased palate, was very humble and gracious when I offered my appreciation of his skill. The Mazzers and Synesso he used are no mean pieces of espresso equipment, but it still takes a very skilled barista to pull -- pun intended -- what he did.

I also picked up a pound of their Guatemala Huehuetenango La Maravilla. I asked if they had any of the espresso roast that Billy Wilson had used in winning the NWRBC, but sadly, they did not. Oh well. I also managed to convince Lauren that she needed to purchase a pound of their Kenya Ndaroini, with the promise that I'd brew some of it in a syphon. I think we all win with that, don't you?

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