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DISK Fine Recipe Winner

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DISK Fine Recipes

Thanks for everyone who participated in the Disk Fine recipe submission! There were lots of great recipes which made choosing between them an extremely difficult task for us! In determining a recipe that would be printed on the package of every Disk Fine we found the following considerations to be most important:

  • Accessible - easy for anyone to understand and brew without special tools/add-ons.
  • Scientifically Repeatable - exact and complete parameters which were universally measurable.
  • Efficient - amount of coffee used and resulting brew volume.
  • Universal - represents a popular "type" of recipe.
  • Delicious - of course.

We started by identifying the 6 recipes that best fit the above criteria (minus taste). Then, by taste testing, we narrowed down our favorite to the winner. Below are our six favorite recipes and the winner.

Note: The coffee we used was Crema’s Burundi Gatare Kayanza. We found this coffee brewed best at a higher temperature around 205, and we used this for all the recipes for consistency.

DISK Fine Recipe Winner

Jesse Gordon

  • Recipe:
    1. Inverted
    2. 22g coffee
    3. Medium-fine grind (Finer grind than a pour-over)
    4. 200mL water
    5. Pour 100mL of the water
    6. Stir 3-4 times
    7. Pour remaining 100mL
    8. Steep for 1:00
    9. Quickly flip and press for 15 seconds, stopping when you hear the “hiss”
    10. Add 3-4 ounces of water post-brew
  • Results:
    • We chose this recipe as the winner for several reasons. First, we liked the convenience and efficiency of a quicker brew time. Jesse’s was under two minutes.
    • Also, a downside of the inverted method is that you lose some room. In this method, we loved that water was added post-brew to produce a larger total brew volume. The notes of the coffee became clearer and the cup was very balanced.

Congratulations Jesse! As mentioned in this post, "DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline", your recipe will be placed on the production DISK Fine packages and you will receive 25 Production DISK Fine's (for friends and family) and a gold standard DISK as well as a gold DISK Fine.

DISK Fine Recipe Finalists

There were lots of great recipes (and we encourage you to try them all). Here were the finalists that we thought also submitted some great recipes:

Collin Moody

  • Recipe:
    1. Inverted
    2. 15.5g coffee
    3. Medium-fine grind (Grind just a bit finer than a V60)
    4. 250mL water
    5. Flip at 1:00
    6. Press at 2:15
    7. Finish at 2:30
  • Results:
    • The longer brew time produced a sweet cup, while the finer grind contributed to a fuller body.
    • The dose falls close to 16:1, making this method efficient in getting the most per gram of coffee.

Niels Verkade

  • Recipe:
    1. Non-Inverted
    2. 18g coffee
    3. Coarser grind
    4. 300mL water
    5. Give Aeropress a good “twirl”
    6. Pour water along sides of Aeropress
    7. Give two short bottom stirs
    8. Plunge
  • Results:
    • We tried this method with a 2:00+ brew time, and had good results. The coarse grind contributed to a light body, with a crisp, fruited notes in the cup.
    • The 16.6:1 made for getting the most from the coffee used. The agitation in this method seemed be just enough to aid in proper extraction.


  • Recipe:
    1. Non-Inverted
    2. 19g coffee
    3. Medium-fine grind
    4. 290mL water
    5. Start timer. Pour 30mL over 10 seconds, stir, and let sit 60 seconds
    6. Add 260mL of water over 30 seconds, stir, and let sit 30 seconds
    7. Press for 30 seconds to the “hiss” sounds, and no more
  • Results:
    • This method produced a sweet cup with a heavier body.
    • Darker fruit notes in the coffee were brought out well by the longer brew time.

Chris Ayers

  • Recipe:
    1. Non-Inverted
    2. 16g coffee
    3. Medium grind
    4. 220mL water
    5. Pour 50mL of the water
    6. Stir 5 times
    7. Continue adding water until you reach 220mL
    8. Place plunger on top, just enough to stop coffee from exiting into the cup
    9. At 1:15 begin pressing
    10. Finish at 1:45, right before the “hiss”
  • Results:
    • This was a nice, quick, consistent method to get good results from the Aeropress.
    • This brew had greater acidity and brightness, with crisp citrus notes prominent.

Tom Baker

  • Recipe:
    1. Inverted
    2. 19-20g coffee
    3. Chemex-coarse grind
    4. 200mL water
    5. Set timer to 3:30 and add 200mL of water
    6. With a minute remaining on timer, give a light stir, just enough to break up the crust
    7. As the timer runs out, cap and then plunge
    8. Add 100mL of water to the brew, stir, and serve
  • Results:
    • We really liked trying a longer steep time tried with the Aeropress.
    • This brought out a lot of sweetness in the coffee, and adding water post-brew made this a nice method for sharing.

Thanks to everyone who participated, was selected to receive a DISK Fine, and who submitted a recipe. Huge thanks goes out to Able Brewing Equipment for creating such an excellent coffee filter and providing the prizes to the winning recipe winner.

If you would like to pre-order the DISK Fine and ensure your placement towards the top of the shipment list, please go to the product listing here: Able DISK-Fine Filter for Aeropress

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