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Eat, Link, and Be Merry...

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As you may have heard, Intelligentsia recently released an iPhone app. The app is free and provides the user with tips and a built in timer for various brewing methods, as well as access to a catalog of all their current coffee offerings. Check out a more full review of it here.

Jaime van Schyndel of Barismo recently wrote a very informative blog on the topic of filter mediums for pour over brewing. Whatever your preference, you should check out his thoughts.

I love brewing videos. I've learned so much from watching other baristas or shops and hear what tips or methods they choose and why. Jesse, Kane and Kenny of Sunergos star in this recent video demonstrating how to brew a 10 ounce cup using the V60 method. Another video that has been out for several months but I haven't heard much about is Aaron Blanco's (of Brown Coffee) Chemex "island" method. I find myself agreeing with it in theory, but have not practiced it enough to have formed a full opinion. Either way, it's a fun video!

Ryan Soeder was a barista here in Louisville who was a major player in helping to grow the coffee community and quality here. He has since moved to Seattle to continue his career in coffee as a barista and trainer at Roy Street. Ryan placed third at the 18th Millrock Latte Art Competition in New York City, and first place recently at the Victrola Brew Ha Ha latte art competition. He is also an editor for Why Not? Coffee. Check out this interview with Ryan on Daily Demitasse: Barista Interview: Ryan Soeder.

And lastly, Mark Prince of Coffee Geek just finished his HUGE review of all the

Baratza grinders. You can find that on Baratza's blog.

That's all I have for now. Enjoy!

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