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Friday Morning Cup: Panama La Berlina Estate Typica

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This morning, I pressed a batch of Panama La Berlina Estate Typica. I remember it having a wonderful, full and round mouthfeel, quite viscous and pleasant. I go back and forth between thinking it's a bit syrupy and a bit hefty, like whole milk. No chalkiness, either, which is extra nice. And its taste? Brightness like a Central American coffee often has, with citrus fruit notes that fade into a graham cracker finish. It's a somewhat juicy cup, too, in that it doesn't give off too much of a drying sensation. I think I'm tempted to guzzle it, but that's tempered by the delicate notes I get on the sides of my tongue. Very, very delicious and easy to drink.

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Nice write up on the La Berlina Estate! I'd lke to try cup sometime! :D

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