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Happenings in the Coffee World

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April has been a busy month for the coffee industry and we wanted to give you a quick summary:

First of all, the biggest coffee event of the year will take place tomorrow through Sunday in Houston. The 23rd Annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Event will feature lectures, exhibits, skill building workshops, and competitions. The two most notable competitions are the United States Barista Championships and the new USBC Brewers' Cup. The SCAA will be streaming on the USBC website.

Speaking of the Barista Championship, the current reigning USBC and World Barista Champion, Michael Phillips, announced recently that he was leaving Intelligentsia Coffe and Tea to embark on a new coffee endeavor. This new endeavor has now been announced as Handsome Coffee Roasters, a joint coffee operation consisting of former Intelligentsia employees Michael Phillips, Chris Owen, and Tyler Wells. Since the announcement was made a few weeks ago, there is no possiblility of me coming up with an original pun for I'll just recommend following Handsome Coffee Roasters to keep up with the next biggest coffee roaster.

Handsome Coffee Roasters Logo

No doubt the biggest coffee news of this year came from Mark Prince of Mark released an exclusive (and in-depth) preview of Baratza's newest grinding technology. The Baratza Esatto and Vario-E will be the first weight based grinding devices to hit the coffee market. We'll have more on this latter and will update when we have these available for order. For now you can check out Mark Prince's Baratza Exclusive.

Baratza Esatto with Virtuoso Preciso

Finally, you can follow the coffee thoughts and experiments of myself on twitter under @Prima_Matt

We've got some more blog post in the pipeline so stay tuned.

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