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Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

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Coffee lover's holiday buying guide

Unless you're a magical old man behind the reins of a sleigh, your holiday shopping list is a little more complicated than "naughty" and "nice". You've gone so far to decide that this year's tree will hide a hoard of coffee gear but, wouldn't you know it, no one takes their brew the same! Don't freak – we're here to help, and we brought coffee.

There are all sorts of coffee-lovers in this world and we've gotten to know them pretty well. Whether you're looking for dad's new drip machine, sending a new coffee maker to your college kid, or hoping to impress your snobbish cousin with the latest gadget, we have some ideas to share.

Let us steer your shopping with the suggestions below. Simply pick a personality to see what we think will put a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

Coffee gifts for travel

The Nomad

The Nomad knows that great coffee can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Whether they're flying first-class or climbing Kilimanjaro, they always make time for a coffee break. And we're not talking about that instant stuff.

Shopping for a Nomad? The gear we recommend is designed for a restless soul, a life on the road. It's simple, durable, lightweight, and perfect for those times when you're just slightly outside of your comfort zone.

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Or pick presents one-by-one.

Quick, convenient coffee gift ideas

The Pragmatist

Not everyone has time for home-roasted, hand-poured coffee. And, frankly, not everyone cares. For some the morning brew is more about getting that fix in a pinch – but who's to say that caffeine can't taste terrific?

We have some special suggestions for The Pragmatists out there. This equipment is all about convenience: making that great cup without hassle or hold-up. With this gear, they'll keep the coffee flowing and the clock running.

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Or pick presents one-by-one.

Stylish coffee gifts for the holidays

The Designer

Brewing coffee is more than just a regimen. It can be an experience, and a totally chic one for those who let it. If you're shopping for someone who wants to make coffee look as good as it tastes, we have some recommendations for you.

Coffee makers have long been examples of form and function in fabulous fusion. With these coffee brewers and accessories, your loved ones will be upgrading their coffee and fashioning a whole new look at the same time.

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Or pick presents one-by-one.

Coffee gifts for beginners

The Newbie

Making great coffee at home is much more accessible now than it's ever been. Easy methods, cheap equipment, and free online resources have welcomed beginners everywhere into the world of coffee. So what do these folks hope to see under their trees?

Our favorite Newbie gear is simple, affordable, and forgiving. Without much experience, any curious coffee-lover can pick up this equipment and crank out a totally tasty brew. Just pray that they remember you when they make it big.

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Or pick presents one-by-one.

Gift ideas for coffee professionals

The Elitist

Nobody likes a know-it-all – unless they make you amazing coffee! The specialty coffee scene has created a whole new species of connoisseur and there's probably even one on your list. So how do you shop for the person who knows everything?

Like any other realm, the sphere of specialty coffee has its gadgets and gizmos. And it's with these tools that your Elitist pals geek out and go crazy. The best part about shopping for them? Trying their tasty new brews for yourself.

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Or pick presents one-by-one.

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a little off topic, but what font is used in the graphic: espresso, electric, brewer, etc.? it's a gorgeous font!

The font in the graphic is "Mr De Haviland." It's a google webfont available for free here:

I love this.

Thanks, Kirk! –Chris

Excellent list! The siphon definitely belongs under the elitist category!

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