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Eat, Link, and Be Merry...June 2011

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Eat Drink and be Merry

Do you remember back when you were first introduced to "Third Wave" coffee? The newness, like a veil being lifted? Manually brewing coffee for the first time, reading blogs, asking questions all for pursuing a better cup? Ross, one of the newest members of Prima, is living that experience now, and shares about it here.

Speaking of learning, there of course must be a teacher. John Letoto, roaster for Quills Coffee, shares his thoughts and experiences on teaching others about coffee over at Hermitudinous dot com.

I've been thinking a lot about filter mediums lately, especially in regards to temperature stability and heat retention. You've probably heard a lot of hype about the Kalita Wave, especially from Nick Cho of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters. This article on "coffee brewing & design" really has me thinking about filters and material. Watch Cho's Kalita Wave brewing video to see it at work.

And last, Jason Dominy of Batdorf & Bronson created a Tumblr called "Barista. The Photo Project". This is a really cool idea, and a neat photo blog. If you are a barista upload your photo and represent!

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