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In 2010, Kirk discovered a previously unfound love of online marketing. PPC Advertising, Landing Page Conversion Optimization, and UX are his specialties while content development is his secret joy (since Kirk loves stories).

Kirk is the owner of KE Creative Marketing and during his off moments, enjoys spending time with his family and church, flyfishing, hiking in the mountains, or watching anything directed by J.J. Abrams (aliens are a bonus).

DISK Fine Recipe Winner

disk fine going into full production

DISK Fine Recipes

Thanks for everyone who participated in the Disk Fine recipe submission! There were lots of great recipes which made choosing between them an extremely difficult task for us!

DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

able diskfine going into production

Able Brewing Announces The DISK Fine Production

In case you haven't heard yet, due to the overwhelmingly positive response the DISK Fine is officially going to be produced by Able Brewing Equipment.

Able DISK Fine Reviews & Recipes

disk fine reviews and recipes at prima coffee equipment

UPDATE: Able has announced that the DISK Fine will be going into production, details here: DISK Fine Production & Recipe Deadline

Video: How We Make the Cavendish Series Briar Tampers

Prima Tamper Cavendish

We thought it would be fun to show you a little of what goes into making one of our Cavendish Series Briar Tampers. The specific tamper in this video is the Calabash Royal Smooth Tamper. Enjoy!

Free Bonavita Brewer & Google+ Hangout

enter to win a bonavita brewer

For anyone who likes free stuff...

No catch involved. We love to give away great coffee equipment and are excited about giving someone the new Stainless Bonavita Auto Brewer (normally sold for $149). For more info on the brewer, check out the product listing or the blog post Lee wrote on adjusting the temperature.

Win a Free Yama 5 Cup Siphon Brewer

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

"Like" Our Prima Coffee Equipment Facebook Page For a Chance to Win a Siphon Brewer!

UPDATE: This contest has officially ended.

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

Once we reach 300 Facebook fans, we will be giving away a free 5 Cup Yama Siphon Vac Pot Brewer to one of those fans.

Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle

Bonavita Kettle

Enter to Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle! (THE CONTEST IS OVER)

Congratulations @Dubtron9000 on winning the Electric Kettle!

Bonavita Electric Kettle From Prima Coffee

With the advent of our newest favorite manual brewing product, we decided that a great way to celebrate would be by giving one away! Therefore, from today (Friday, December 2) until Sunday night (December 4), we are giving away one of the new Bonavita Electric Kettles

Dogwood Coffee, Minneapolis MN: Shop Review

Dogwood Coffee and their espresso setup

Last week I was on vacation up in my old stomping grounds, the upper, Upper Midwest, and thought I better check out a new coffee shop - one with which I was not yet acquainted. I had done some research and heard good things online about Dogwood Coffee in Minneapolis, so I worked out a time to meet with my sister (who lives up there) and we headed down Hennepin Ave in search of adventure.

5 Reasons I Roast My Own Coffee With a Popcorn Popper

In only one year I have traversed several steps in the coffee process. It’s been a growing process and one in which I find myself most recently in the newest stage… a few weeks ago, I switched over from purchasing roasted beans to roasting my own.

Barista Bash 004 = Coffee Heaven

Do you know how hard it is to have this coffee sitting in your cubicle without touching it? Tomorrow's Barista Bash is going to be awesome :)

Why Barista Bash 004 Will Be Worth Your Friday Night

This will be the fourth Prima Coffee Barista Bash and we are especially excited about the event for several different reasons. Don't get me wrong - free coffee, free espresso, free advice from local coffee enthusiasts, free demonstrations by a coffee expert, and a free date night all combined with the enjoyment of observing the different brew methods (and talking your significant other into buying new coffee equipment) will be at this Bash just as they were at the other three. However, this Bash will be unique for these three reasons:

The Tale of El Salvador Los Luchadores & Pumpkin the Donut

It was a dark and misty morning. The sun lay slumbering behind the horizon. All normal people remained in bed. I stumbled over to Nord's Bakery, bleary-eyed and half dead. I needed a hard-hitting shot of donut, and I needed it fast. The tinny clang of the bell announced my arrival. I was greeted by the always cheery staff. "Mhpshdlhuyh," I replied. I held up four fingers and pointed to the donuts I wanted.

Wednesday Morning Cup: Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu

Barbara, our Prima accountant, just invested in a Hottop roaster and we are enjoying the fruit (pun somewhat intended) of her labor. Monday, she brought in a bag of her new Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu from Sweet Maria's. We have been salivating as we waited for the three day roasting mark to pass. Today, we broke open the bag and plundered the treasure.