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An Infographic That Says It All: the Prima Tamp Advantage

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Prima Tamp Infographic
Who needs an angled tamper?
Why bend the handle on a perfectly good tool?

What's the deal with the Prima Tamp, anyway?

You've asked a lot of great questions about our new tamper and we've done our best to answer wherever we find them. But a picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought we'd save our breath. Here it is, our pretty-as-pie, crystal-clear, handy dandy infographic that shows the real benefits of using the Prima Tamp. Any questions? Leave a comment below or contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

Infographic: The Benefits of the Prima Tamp by Prima Coffee Equipment

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I like this wonderful post , because it contains of the answer that you've question. keep posting sharing about this.

This is awesome guys.. would you guys be able to provide me a video of a Barista in action with this tamper.. I so wanna have a look n this is not available in U.A.E :(


As you know, we're not yet shipping internationally — sorry! You can, however, watch some baristas use the Prima Tamp on another one of our blog posts, titled "The Secret Is Out: Introducing the Prima Tamp". Scroll to the bottom and you'll see a short film about it that includes some images of the tamper in action. We hope this helps!

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