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The Tale of El Salvador Los Luchadores & Pumpkin the Donut

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It was a dark and misty morning. The sun lay slumbering behind the horizon. All normal people remained in bed. I stumbled over to Nord's Bakery, bleary-eyed and half dead. I needed a hard-hitting shot of donut, and I needed it fast. The tinny clang of the bell announced my arrival. I was greeted by the always cheery staff. "Mhpshdlhuyh," I replied. I held up four fingers and pointed to the donuts I wanted. One twist, one cherry filled, one glazed, and, ah yes, Nord's latest crowning achievement (reaching almost to the beloved status of tastiness set by the Baconater)... the Pumpkin Spice Donut! I stumbled out the door groping for the handle... oh, that's right- pull, not push. I made it back out the door, somehow still awake. I was one of the lucky ones. I pushed forward, not taking my eyes off the objective. The "open" sign for Sunergos Coffee shone like a lighthouse beacon through a Nor'east Gale. I stumbled toward it.

Once inside, I was able somehow to manage a bleary snatching of beans after which I threw something thin and plastic at the barista. He gave something back. I hope it was my card. Either way, I drove to work and began grinding the beans on my Skerton. The smell cleared my senses slightly. I sniffed some more. My mouth began to salivate. I realized somehow I had parked the car and was now in my office. The water finished boiling. I quickly prepped my aeropress, stirred, and pressed. My head was clearing by the second. I finished the press and waited a few minutes for it to cool.

The world held its breath. The sun peaked over the trees to get a view. I took a sip.

The smooth, sweet taste of El Salvador Los Luchadores filled my palate. I dared to take a bite of the pumpkin donut and another sip. My mouth imploded. My tongue could not hold the flavor of the almost buttery, currant-y taste of the El Salvador with the spicy, pumpkin taste of the donut. Thoughts of Bill Murray and fried chicken flooded my mind as I snarfed the rest of the donut down while sipping the coffee. I finished the donut and slowly savored the rest of the Salvador while going about my work. The sun finally dared to rise above the horizon (staying safely in the clouds, however), sensing that the coast was now clear. Life was good in the Prima Office.

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Such a beautiful story, I almost teared up a little when reading it.

I think I did tear up...mostly because I really wanted one of those donuts and didn't get one!!! :-)

not to rub it in or anything, but when they are fresh right in the morning like that, they are the moistest, best donuts I've ever had. It's pretty much like eating pumpkin cake with sugary frosting.

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