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Upcoming Cupping Blogs and Coffee 101

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We are planning to add a new focus for the blog in the next several weeks. Starting soon, we hope to regularly review coffee from different roasters locally here in Louisville, as well as across the country (and beyond!). This will provide us with an opportunity to not only cup great coffee in the office, but also to provide those reading our blog exposure to roasters and shops who are bringing specialty coffee to the mainstream. Get excited; we sure are! And to all you roasters out there, you are welcome to send us free samples, if you wish!

Also, we've stumbled upon a helpful resource for those who want to learn more about the basics of coffee, but are not sure where to start and perhaps find other resources too technical. Mike Phillips, of Intelligentsia Coffee hosts several short videos that are part of a series entitled Coffee 101. These videos cover the basics from the bean to the cup, including how to make various drinks, and how to choose a grinder. You can find them here.

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