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Wednesday Morning Cup: Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu

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Barbara, our Prima accountant, just invested in a Hottop roaster and we are enjoying the fruit (pun somewhat intended) of her labor. Monday, she brought in a bag of her new Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu from Sweet Maria's. We have been salivating as we waited for the three day roasting mark to pass. Today, we broke open the bag and plundered the treasure. As I ground it, a rich, chocolaty smell met our nostrils, and we were assured of good things yet to come (BTW, Lee is an expert at choosing the correct Skerton grind for V60 or Chemex).

Now, in Lee's defense, he at least was cleaning the Chemex out when he chipped the top, but we have been Chemex-free here at the office in the last week and have been using it as our V60 decanter (see attached cell-phone picture). 60 oz of Costa Rica and 1 liter of 205ºF water later and we were set to go. The last few drops ended at about 3:50 (a tad shy of the 4 minute mark, but nothing to write home about) and the office vultures circled. The verdict was unanimous. A smooth blend of hazelnut/chocolate and slight hints of citrus with a quickly dying tangy aftertaste proved to be a delightful treat this morning. This added to the fact that Barbara brought cookies in as well, has vaulted her to the top of the "Prima Favorite" list today (an extremely prestigious list if I may say so myself). It would be well worth your time to get a batch of this Costa Rica and try it yourself!

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