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Video Overview | Bonavita BV1901GW 8-Cup Coffee Maker w/ Hot Plate

Poised to become a new favorite in homes and cafes alike, Bonavita’s BV1901GW is an automatic coffee brewer with impressive capabilities. It features a shallow flat bottomed brew basket for a more even extraction, an optional pre-infusion state that allows coffee to bloom before full infusion, and a heating plate that’ll keep your coffee prepped and ready to serve. Want to see it in action? Discover everything you need to know about the BV1901GW as Steve shows off this remarkable brewer.


Video Overview | Hario Coffee Hand Grinders

With Hario’s newly improved line of hand grinders, you can grind on the go without breaking the bank. The Mini Slim Plus, Skerton Plus, and Skerton Pro are all versatile, travel-friendly hand grinders that feature sensible upgrades for an even more uniform grind. Curious to see what sets these grinders apart? Watch along as Steve gives a thorough overview of the new Mini Slim Plus, Skerton Plus, and Skerton Pro hand grinders from Hario.


Brewing Guide | Hario V60 Coffee Drippers

Hario's V60 dripper is built for precision in brewing, with a unique design that allows you to dial in your perfect cup of coffee. A popular choice in many coffee bars for its shorter brew times and memorable flavors, the V60 gives an even brew that lands right in your cup. In this video, Chris walks through what you'll want to know and the products you’ll need to get the best cup from this little brewer that we really like. We think you’ll like it, too.


Video Overview | Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle V 1.3

Fellow's Stagg Pouring Kettle is a beautifully designed kettle with equal parts form and function. Its long, graceful gooseneck and comfy, counterweighted handle make precise pours so much easier, giving you the control you need to achieve the best possible brews. Plus, the Stagg makes it simple to keep tabs on your water temperature, via its brew range thermometer that's built right into the lid. Discover more about the Stagg as Steve shares on this fantastic kettle by Fellow.


Video Overview | Cona Glass Filter Rod For Siphon Brewers

Bid your old standard siphon filter assembly adieu -- the Cona Draining Rod has arrived. This single-piece glass filter features a finely textured surface that sits neatly inside of the siphon's top chamber and leaves you with in a full bodied cup. Plus, cleanup is a snap. Just remove the filter, give it a quick rinse, and it's ready to go again. To see it in action, watch along as Caleb demos the Cona Draining Rod for siphon brewers.


Video Overview | Pullman Filtration Basket

Achieve greater precision in your espresso with Pullman's Filtration Baskets! Designed with uniform hole diameters, these baskets aid in eliminating uneven extraction for consistent, tasty shots. Available in two sizes, each basket is hand measured to ensure an internal diameter of 58.70mm, allowing it to pair perfectly with the Pullman Big Step tamper, as well as any tamper in the 58 - 58.4mm range. To learn more, watch along as Caleb overviews the Pullman Filtration Basket.


Product Comparison | Knock Hand Grinders

Knock's Hand Grinder line up is stacked with the original Feldgrind, the Aergrind, and now the Feld2. Each of these hand grinders features the smart design and engineering that sets Knock coffee tools apart, and can fairly boast an impressive grind range from turkish fine to french press coarse. Even with so much in common, each one houses exclusive features that set it apart. Discover more about the Feldgrind, Aergrind, and Feld2, as Steve compares these fantastic hand grinders in this video.


Video Overview | Global Customized Water Perfect Cup Fomula

Instantly create perfect water for your brews with Global Customized Water's AB Formula! This "perfect cup" formula is incredibly simple and easy to use, and each kit contains a total of 20 doses -- enough to treat 20 gallons of distilled or reverse osmosis water! Interested in how it works? Watch along as Steve shares on the AB Formula from Global Customized Water.


Video Overview | Knock Feld2 Hand Grinder

The Feld2 Hand Grinder is the newest offering from Knock that takes the original Feldgrind to the next level. It features the same ceramic coated steel burrs as the previous iteration, a brand new unibody design, and a retooled stepless adjustment that makes it easy to use and simple to adjust. Whether you're grinding for tasty, clear shots or crisp and balanced pourovers, the Feld2's impressive grind range delivers. Learn more as Steve shares on grinding with the Knock Feld2.


Video Overview | Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher

With its perfect alignment and dribble resistant spout, Barista Hustle's Precision Milk Pitcher is designed to excel at pouring flawless latte art. Every single pitcher is meticulously inspected during production, ensuring a consistency between pitchers that you can count on. Plus, its 6 milk volume indication circles help to eliminate milk waste while boosting repeatability between pours. To discover more, watch along as Steve shares on the Barista Hustle Precision Milk Pitcher.


Espresso 101: How Do I Get Started With Espresso?

Get started in the alluring world of home espresso with this helpful guide - full of tips for exploring what equipment to buy, how to set a budget, and where you can go beyond beginner gear.

Video Overview | VST Precision Espresso Baskets

VST Precision Espresso Baskets let you take control of your espresso! These baskets feature finely-tuned hole sizes that optimize extraction time, and precisely engineered hole patters that take full advantage of the entire bottom surface. Plus, each basket is created to be perfectly alike in order to foster consistent, predictable results. To get the full scoop, watch along while Steve overviews the VST Precision Espresso Baskets.


Video Overview | Hario Beam Heaters

Take control of your siphon brews with Hario's Beam Heaters! Both the Beam Heater and the Touch Beam Heater offer a repeatable, precise, and safer alternative to an open flame, while adding a dramatic flair to the already eye-catching siphon brewing set up. In this video, Ryan explores the benefits of Hario Beam Heaters, and highlights the features which set them apart.


Video Overview | Espro Travel Coffee Press

With the Espro Travel Coffee Press, your coffee on the road just got better! Its patented dual-layer french press filter design keeps excess mud and silt out of your brew, and the vacuum insulted tumbler keeps it nice and toasty while you're on the go. Plus, the compact size and spill-proof lid make it the ideal car companion. To learn more, watch along as Steve examines the Espro Travel Coffee Press.


Video Overview | Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper

A favorite among many in the coffee world, the Bee House Dripper is designed for by-the-cup brewing, and provides a fresher alternative to automated coffee makers. Made entirely of ceramic, this practical brewer is available in two sizes as well as a variety of vibrant colors. To catch this handy dripper in action, watch along as Steve demonstrates brewing with the Bee House.


Video Overview | Mahlkonig K30 Vario Espresso Grinder

Mahlkonig, the creators of the great EK34 coffee grinder, have spread their finesse into the world of espresso. The K30 makes getting that fine grind as simple as can be.


Video Overview | Bellman Stovetop Steamer

Looking for a powerful steam wand without the investment of a new espresso machine? Look no further than the compact, portable, and inexpensive Bellman Stovetop Steamer. With a roughly 30 oz capacity, the steamer is easy to use, compatible with most stovetops, and powerful enough to make great microfoam every time.


Hario V60 Filter Changes

One tabless filter, with the title written on it, slightly overlaying a tabbed filter.
Hario's V60 filters have changed. In this post, we discuss the issue behind the frustration, what you should expect, and what you should do if you are getting long brew times.

Product Comparison | Orphan Espresso LIDO Hand Grinders

Orphan Espresso’s line of LIDO hand grinders have a reputation for grind quality that’s as rock solid as their build quality. The LIDO E, LIDO E-T, and LIDO 3 all go toe-to-toe with electric home grinders, while letting you grind anywhere, anytime. With such an incredible line up, how can you decide which one is right for you? Watch along as Ryan puts the spotlight on the LIDO series, and highlights the unique features that set them apart.


Video Overview | Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper For Mahlkonig K30 & Peak

Leave Barista Elbow behind with the Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper! Designed to fit seamlessly with Mahlkonig K30, K30 Air, and Peak grinders, the M1 streamlines workflow behind the bar without requiring precious counter space. Its adjustable tamping pressure allows you to set your desired force and get a true, level tamp in seconds -- virtually eliminating variations between baristas and preventing pesky elbow strain. To see it in action, watch along as Steve demos the Puqpress M1 Automatic Tamper.



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