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Video Overview | Mazzer Major Electronic Flat Burr Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Major Electronic Flat Burr Espresso Grinder: Got yourself a cafe which has decent amount of traffic, but not enough to warrant a large espresso grinder? The Mazzer Major is perfectly equipped to keep up with the flow of consistent traffic. Add to the ease with the programmable control panel which allows you to adjust grind size and dosage beforehand.

Video Overview | Mazzer Kony Conical Burr Espresso Grinder

Mazzer Kony Conical Burr Espresso Grinder: Economic and more compact, the Kony offers many of the advantages of fancier espresso grinders without having to break the bank.

Video Overview | Mazzer Robur Electronic Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder

Mazzer Robur Electronic Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder On the top of Mazzer's line espresso grinders is the Robur. With its power motor and conical burrs, this piece of equipment can spit out a dose of espresso faster than you can say, "One cappuccino, please."

Video Overview | Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

Single-cup pour overs are in serious demand these days, but they beg the question: how precise are manual methods? Curtis has an answer to that question and, if consistent pour pattern and temperature stability are among your priorities, their solution may be right for you. The Gold Cup Brewer is the first automated single-cup coffeemaker, and it's perfect for cafes, roasters, restaurants that want to implement extra measures of control and consistency.

Video Overview | Walkure Porcelain Pour Over Brewers

Paper, metal, cloth... what's the best filter for you? Well, have you considered porcelain? Ponder this: a coffeemaker constructed entirely of ceramic that doesn't use any filters. It's a real thing, and a dream come true for pour over purists. Walkure's brewer separately grounds from brew with a flat porcelain grid, offering a full-bodied and flavorful cup that's surprisingly clean.

Video Overview | Izzo Alex Duetto 3 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

The original Duetto set the standard for home espresso machines with its muscly interior, sturdy build, and classic look. Now, the 3rd generation brings this beloved machine to a whole new level. It looks fresh, feels great, and still serves up the best shots of all home units on the market.

Video Overview | La Marzocco GS/3 Espresso Machine

Meet the heavyweight champ of home espresso. La Marzocco's GS/3 is the ultimate, the über-machine, and the undertaker of its competition. With two massive boilers, PID temperature control, versatile plumbing options, and a commercial-grade group, you can rest assured: this machine has the guts to pump out real, cafe-quality espresso.

Video Overview | Coffee Siphon and Vacuum Pot

The siphon is one of the most curious and complex brewing methods out there. So what's it all about? Its elegant design facilitates a truly theatrical process, like dinner and a show, but it's more than just fireworks. Full-immersion extraction, thermal stability, and efficient cake filtration make for a truly tasty cup of coffee that's worth the work. With an assortment of sizes, styles, and filter mediums, there's a siphon for anyone who's up for the effort.

Video Overview | Prima Stand for Pour Over Brewing

So, you love the beauty and benefit of brewing with a stand, but you hate having to change your technique. We do too, which is why we built the Prima Stand. This pour over stand is the first that's designed to accommodate a variety drippers, scales, and servers, so you can stop worrying about your favorite tools not playing together.

Video Overview | Clever Coffee Dripper

What's so smart about the Clever Coffee Dripper? A lot, actually. This brewer is in the running for the simplest means of making great coffee, and here's why: a patented mechanism in its base virtually removes user error and unrefined technique from the brewing equation. It doesn't require any special kettle or precise pour pattern, nor is it terribly particular about grind setting. With just fresh coffee, hot water, and easy-to-find #4 filters, your new favorite brewer is ready to use.

Video Overview | Bunn Trifecta Automatic Single-Cup Brewing System

The Trifecta is more than an automatic coffee maker: it's a completely new brew method. Baristas can manipulate 11 variables through its interface, controlling nearly every aspect of what happens in the brew chamber. With air infusion and a metal mesh filter, Bunn's Trifecta brewer will produce one of the most unique cups you've had in a long time.

Video Overview | Mahlkonig EK43 Commercial Coffee Grinder

Is this the best grinder in the world? Mahlkonig's EK43 is reputed to boast unbeat consistency, unlimited versatility, and ultimate power – but are the rumors true? Fighting its way to fame with superior specs and a powerful appearance, the EK43 has become the competitor's and professional's choice for coffee grinding.

Video Overview | Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

Hario’s V60 Coffee Drippers’ unique design and simple brew method has endeared it to home enthusiasts and cafes alike. Its distinctive inner wall features spiraling notches, which promote an evenly extracted brew in a short amount of time. One of the most popular manual brewers on the market today, the V60 come in sizes 01 and 02, as well as in a variety of materials and colors, so you can choose the one that’s just right for you. Want a quick, delicious pour over with easy clean up? You’ve found the brewer you’re looking for.

Video Overview | Kalita Wave Drippers

The Kalita Wave’s unique design sets it apart from other drippers, and make it a popular go-to for a whole range of coffee fans. With its signature chopped-cone shape and flat bottom, the Wave requires a less exact pouring technique than other pour over brewers, without the threat of poor extraction. It’s also quick, with a 2-4 minute brew time and relatively effortless clean up, so you can go from craving, to cup-in-hand before you know it.

Video Overview | Hario Server V60 - 1000 ml

Hario’s Server V60 is designed for tidy, smooth pouring, and increased ease while brewing pour-over coffee. Made of Hario’s quality, durable glass, this server is meant to be with you for the long haul. While it’s specifically formed to fit V60 brewers, its versatile top is wide enough to accommodate a range of drippers, so you can always fill it with your favorite brew.

Video Overview | Hario Heat Resistant Coffee Decanter - 400 ml

When you go through the effort to make a good brew, you want to serve it in something which not only looks great, but will also keep your hard work hot.

Video Overview | Hario V60 Range Server

Hario's V60 range server has become the standard carafe for manual brewing in homes and cafes alike. Tough glass is formed to complement the style of the V60 dripper and is paired with a glass lid and rubber seal to maximize thermal stability. Available in three practical sizes, these quality servers would be the perfect addition to any pour-over setup.

Video Overview | Hario Coffee Grinder Mini Mill Slim

The Hario Mini Mill Slim provides coffee lovers with an inexpensive means to having freshly ground coffee no matter where they go. Its conical ceramic burrs have easy-to-adjust steps, so you can switch from your morning moka pot to an afternoon drip brew with ease. So whether you're at home or traveling the globe, the Mini Mill Slim is perfect for a freshly ground, delicious single cup brew.


Video Overview | Hario Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton

The Skerton hand grinder by Hario is designed to provide coffee lovers with an inexpensive means to having freshly-ground coffee, whether they’re trotting the globe or relaxing at home. Its conical ceramic burrs and adjustable grind settings provide a custom grind at an affordable price, so you can have a flavorful brew whenever you’re craving a cup.


Product Comparison | Hario Skerton vs Mini Mill Hand Grinder

Hario’s Skerton and Mini Mill Slim hand grinders both offer coffee lovers an inexpensive means to having freshly ground coffee no matter where they go. But how are they different? Which is better? Is one preferable to the other? In this video, Chris shares what you need to know about these popular hand grinders from Hario, so you can decide which one’s the best fit for you.



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