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Win a Free Yama 5 Cup Siphon Brewer

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

"Like" Our Prima Coffee Equipment Facebook Page For a Chance to Win a Siphon Brewer!

UPDATE: This contest has officially ended.

Yama 5 Cup Siphon Coffee Brewer From Prima Coffee

Once we reach 300 Facebook fans, we will be giving away a free 5 Cup Yama Siphon Vac Pot Brewer to one of those fans.

Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle

Bonavita Kettle

Enter to Win a Free Bonavita Electric Kettle! (THE CONTEST IS OVER)

Congratulations @Dubtron9000 on winning the Electric Kettle!

Bonavita Electric Kettle From Prima Coffee

With the advent of our newest favorite manual brewing product, we decided that a great way to celebrate would be by giving one away! Therefore, from today (Friday, December 2) until Sunday night (December 4), we are giving away one of the new Bonavita Electric Kettles

NYC Coffee Scene

new york coffee

For those that don't know, NYC just so happens to be the place to get good coffee on the east coast. By and large, the east coast has been behind the specialty coffee curve, but things are starting to change.

Kalita Wave: Guest Barista Review - Part Two

Kalita 185 Wave Dripper

Welcome to the second of our two part guest barista review on the Kalita Wave pour over method! Last week, Collin Moody of Cafe Streets reviewed the 155 Series for us. John spent time on the 185 series for us, discussing his brewing method and the difference between the Wave's flat bottom geometry and conical manual brewers.

Kalita Wave: Guest Barista Review - Part One

Kalita Wave Dripper
Kalita Wave Dripper

This is the first of our two part guest barista review on the Kalita Wave pour over brewing method. For these reviews, we bring you Collin Moody ( @CollinAMoody ) reviewing the 155 Series, and John Letoto ( @hermitudinous ) reviewing the 185 Series.

Free Home Espresso Machine Starter Kit

tamper, steaming pitcher, tamping mat, and shot glasses

In an effort to better help our home espresso machine customers be ready to brew out of the box, we've decided to include a free espresso machine starter kit with the purchase of select espresso machines.

La Marzocco Strada: First Impression

la marzocco strada ep

My first trip to NY was a whirlwind. I spent twice as much time on a bus as I did in the city and just as much time walking as I did at the La Marzocco Strada EP event co-sponsored by Counter Culture Coffee. So why go through the hassle? Awesome Chinese food and free espresso....oh and some fancy machine called a Strada...

Dogwood Coffee, Minneapolis MN: Shop Review

Dogwood Coffee and their espresso setup

Last week I was on vacation up in my old stomping grounds, the upper, Upper Midwest, and thought I better check out a new coffee shop - one with which I was not yet acquainted. I had done some research and heard good things online about Dogwood Coffee in Minneapolis, so I worked out a time to meet with my sister (who lives up there) and we headed down Hennepin Ave in search of adventure.

Coava KONE 2: Review

review of the 2nd generation Kone

The good folks at Coava are keeping busy. Coava Coffee Roasters is a shop and micro-roastery located in Portland, Oregon who have, over the last year, started producing some very innovative new brewing devices for specialty coffee. Last year, they introduced the Kone, a metal filter designed for pour over brewing in a Chemex. The responses were great, as reviewers highlighted the benefits of the Kone being reusable, made fully in the United States, and that it allowed more oils than paper filters, allowing for a more nuanced cup. I received the new generation Kone a little over a week ago, and was able to spend time brewing on it over the past several days.

The Kalita Wave Dripper: New Product Preview

Kalita Coffee Logo
Kalita Coffee Logo

One of our goals at Prima is to offer the best manual coffee brewing methods available. We believe that manual brewing methods both produce excellent cups of coffee as well as exemplify the quality and care that goes into the production of that coffee. It is our desire to continually expand our offerings, and today we are proud to announce a new addition to our manual brewing selection. This new product is the Kalita Wave Dripper.

For those that have yet to hear or read about the Wave Drippers, we wanted to give you a brief preview of this new pour over device and how it differs from our other pour over brewers.

Eat, Link, and Be Merry...June 2011

Eat Drink and be Merry

Do you remember back when you were first introduced to "Third Wave" coffee? The newness, like a veil being lifted? Manually brewing coffee for the first time, reading blogs, asking questions all for pursuing a better cup? Ross, one of the newest members of Prima, is living that experience now, and shares about it here.

Weighing In on the Pour Over Scale Problem

Weighing in

If you are a fan and practitioner of manual, pour over brewing methods like the V60 or Chemex, you may, like many of us, pour using a scale for precision and profiling. And, if you pour on a scale, perhaps you have experienced the frustration of having the scale auto shut-off on you a minute or two into the brew. This is VERY frustrating, and many in the pour over brewing community have voiced their frustrations and have sought forums for advice about suitable scales.

5 Reasons I Roast My Own Coffee With a Popcorn Popper

In only one year I have traversed several steps in the coffee process. It’s been a growing process and one in which I find myself most recently in the newest stage… a few weeks ago, I switched over from purchasing roasted beans to roasting my own.

V60 Brew Method Review

Everyone has their own way of working with the V60. But do all the nuances really make a difference? We set out to see for ourselves and this is what we learned.

Japan: Rosettas for Relief

A very exciting series of events is happening this month in Louisville, thanks to Louisville roasters/baristas John Letoto and Jesse Harriott, as well as Sunergos Coffee and Quills Coffee:

Home Brewing 101: Choosing a Coffee

We receive a fair amount of calls from customers asking for our recommendations on coffee. The problem for us is that we have customers from all over the country and don't always know of a good coffee roaster in their area. That being the case, listed below are some pointers on what to look for when trying to find a good bag of coffee.

Happenings in the Coffee World

April has been a busy month for the coffee industry and we wanted to give you a quick summary:

Banner for SCAA The Event

Compak K-10 Fresh - First Impression

Making an appearance at the SCAA's National Event in Houston in a couple of weeks will be Compak's new line of Fresh Grinders. This line, and specifically the K-10 Fresh, has piqued a lot of interest in the coffee world over the past few months. We've gathered as much information as we can about this grinder and wanted to update everyone as to what we've found out.

Good Times

So, it has been an embarrassingly long time since we have blogged. Perhaps one could blame it on the holidays, or the New Year, or all the time spent trying to stick to those resolutions that we are about to break soon anyway, but in the end there is really no excuse. I'm not even sure what to write about, to tell the truth. We have some ideas for educational and helpful blogs in the future, but alas this is not one of those. So I will just take the time to speak of the good things in coffee that I have experienced over the last several hours.

Eat, Link, and Be Merry...

As you may have heard, Intelligentsia recently released an iPhone app. The app is free and provides the user with tips and a built in timer for various brewing methods, as well as access to a catalog of all their current coffee offerings. Check out a more full review of it here.


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