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Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Coffee Lover

The giving season, as wonderful as it is, can get challenging. You might know your special person is a coffee buff, but sometimes ideas can run dry from there. Don’t worry though! Prima Coffee’s got your back. We’ve put together a little gift guide to make your holiday shopping just that much easier.

Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Video Overview | Bonavita Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

The Bonavita’s Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle is perfect for world travelers who love a good brew. Its base features a switch for quick adjustment between 110V and 220-240V power, and its removable power cord neatly packs inside the kettle, for less hassle and more luggage space. Be ready to brew in no time, no matter where you go, with the Dual Voltage Electric Travel Kettle by Bonavita.

Video Overview | Coil Iced Coffee Chiller

With the Coil, you can quickly crash-cool your coffee without dilution. No long waits, no tricky water-to-ice calculations, just brew and cool. Your iced coffee has never been better.

Video Overview | Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine

Hand-built in Seattle, WA, Slayer machines are known worldwide for their signature style, excellent build quality, and of course, their unique and rewarding approach to espresso brewing. The single group machine packs the Slayer pedigree and patented technology into a compact and beautiful package - and with their myriad customization options, you can truly make it your own. We visited Slayer's original factory in Seattle to take a look inside the single group machine with our old friend Chris Elliott.

Video: Pressure Vs. Flow in Espresso Extraction

Prima Coffee's Pressure versus Flow blog banner

Just what is it that makes a Slayer shot so unique? It has a good deal to do with the physics of how water extracts coffee. In this video, we explore the concepts of pressure and flow, and what goes into making an exceptional shot of espresso.

Dialing in with the Bonavita Coffee Maker

Bonavita has taken the automatic brewing market by storm—and for good reason. Its single button design makes for a simple user experience while…

Prima Coffee's Dialing in with the Bonavita blog banner

Dorm Daze: Back to School 2015

Students, prepare for the new school year with the most essential of school supplies: coffee brewing equipment.

Prima Coffee's Coffee Gear for Back to School 2015

Coil: Reinventing Cold Coffee

Coil Coffee Chiller breaking through brick wall.

Life is full of workarounds, those temporary or patchwork solutions that serve as quicker, easier, or cheaper alternatives to the ideal. Coffee brewing is no different, and one coffee category sticks out from the rest when it comes to less-than-ideal solutions. That category is...

Announcing A Prima Original Documentary: The World Barista Championship

Earlier this year, Seattle played host to one of coffee’s largest events: the World Barista Championship. Competitors from over 50 countries came to compete, with an end goal of finding a Champion to serve as a global ambassador for specialty coffee for the following year. In our newest documentary, we share the WBC's story with you. Take a look!

Announcing a brand new documentary by Prima Coffee: The World Barista Championship

Video Overview | AeroPress and Reusable Disk Stainless Filter Bundle

The AeroPress® is an easy and versatile way to make great coffee. Made completely of BPA-free plastic, the AeroPress® is virtually indestructable and great for travel. Because of it’s pressure-brewing design, you can can make a standard-ratio cup of coffee, or a concentrated espresso-like brew, and brewing times can take as little as 30-45 seconds! An excellent choice for a quick morning cup or for brewing at the office.

Video Overview | Convenient Coffee Kit

If you crave great coffee and need a convenient way to make it, this bundle is for you. Combine a Bonavita automatic brewer, Baratza burr grinder, and your very own Prima Coffee mug and you'll be looking at the simplest specialty coffee set-up around. When you buy this gear together, you're saving over $30 – and that's a lot of coffee.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Iced Coffee & Cold Brew

Battle between iced coffee and cold brew

Coffee on ice continues to be a growing trend in the US, and naturally factions have grown around the various favored brewing methods. We now have cold brew in abundance, canned coffee beverages, and copious ways to chill the hot stuff too. So, what's the consensus?

Product Maintenance | Commercial Espresso Machine Pre-Installation Guidelines

So, you found the espresso machine that’s right for your cafe, and you’re itching to start pulling shots. But before the technician comes to set it up, there’s a few things left to do. In this video, Matt walks through each preinstallation requirement for espresso machines, so your machine can be prepped and ready when the tech walks through the door.

SCAA 2015: The Post-Show Report

We had a blast at SCAA 2015, and we've got plenty of great shots from the show. Check out this year's post-show recap!

SCAA 2015 Recap

SCAA 2015: The Event Has Arrived

SCAA 2015: April, 10th in Seattle, Washington

SCAA 2015 has arrived! We'll be hanging out at booth #15016 with a Slayer and a brew bar, so stop in and say hello.

What's New at Prima Coffee

Find out what is new at Prima Coffee. We have brought in some new gadgets and gear that we are geeking out over.

Video: The 2015 Eastern Regional Aeropress Championship

This January, we helped host the 2015 US Eastern Regional Aeropress Championship with Quills Coffee right here in Louisville. With 18 talented competitors, and a huge crowd of coffee pros and enthusiasts from both near and far, the event was a blast! To share the fun with y'all, we whipped up a little video of the action. Take a look, and be sure to check out the winning recipes as well!

Video: The 2015 Eastern Regional Aeropress Championship in review

Ready, Set, Press! - The 2015 Eastern Regional Aeropress Championship

If you're familiar with Louisville's local coffee scene, you know we love a good coffee competition. And this week, our local coffee pros and beanheads are bristling in anticipation, because the ERAC is coming to town! This Saturday, January 31st, we will be hosting the 2015 US Eastern Regional Aeropress Championship at Quills Coffee at 930 Baxter Ave. The competition starts at 7 PM, and we're positive it's going to be a grand old time.

2015 Eastern Aeropress Championship

Video Overview | Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer

Cold Bruer - Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer: Cold brew fans, rejoice! Cold Bruer is a simplified device for getting that smooth, refreshing, low-acidic taste you crave.

Video Overview | Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker: The versatile easy-to-use AeroPress makes a toptop brew in a variety of ways. Learn one approach used by a Regional World AeroPress Championship competitor.


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