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Siphon and Vacuum Pot Coffee Brewers


Besides espresso machines, siphons may be the most elaborate coffee brewers out there. They require close attention and quick, careful technique but offer a wonderful reward. Using a siphon is just plain fun and the coffee they brew is nothing short of delicious. Full immersion brewing brings out coffee's intense fruity flavors — especially with dry processed beans — and the standard cloth filter yields a cup so clean you could drink out of it. (That is the point, right?) When it comes to the presence of sediment, siphons are the polar opposite of metal-filtered presses. Paired with a butane burner, a siphon offers control of many brewing variables, making it a perfect choice for coffee geeks and control freaks. The siphon is one of our favorite coffee toys and we're certain that you'll enjoy them just as much.

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Hario's newest siphon offers stylistic and practical improvements on the previous models.

Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT

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