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Linking Around - Beat the Winter Doldrums with these Fab Coffee Resources

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It's an interesting Monday: January is here, the holidays are clearly behind us, and Winter is now at the point where I feel like it's offered me just about all I'm wanting out of it. Why interesting, then? Well, coffee-wise, there's a lot going on, but I feel like I, and those around me, are sort of missing out on the action. Winter doldrums kicking in? Perhaps. In light of that, then, here are a few links to some coffee things I find noteworthy:

Over on cleanhotdry, they pose an intriguing choice: espresso or brewed coffee? Take a look, as the poll isn't just a matter of preference. Be sure to read the comments, as the reasons given as well as those who voted and how they voted are just as intriguing.

Ben Helfen of Octane Coffee in Atlanta is fairly well-known in coffee circles for his latte art abilities. Unfortunately, that may now pale in comparison to his fame regarding his recently-posted but quickly-popular coffee brewing guide. The chatter on the web about this thing is nothing short of astounding.

Tom Pikaart put together a handy-dandy little brewing guide for the Hario V60. I brew mine slightly differently, but I still highly recommend his technique. Check it out!

The guys over at Slayer put together a little forward-looking post on what to expect for 2010. The main reason I esteem them -- their utmost dedication to craftsmanship -- is explored a little bit in that post. Such dedication is rare these days, and therefore, all the more noteworthy.

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Really helpful links, Toto. Thanks for that.

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