Covid19 Community Resources

COVID-19 Community Resources

In these unprededented times many of us are struggling to adapt to new schedules, social distance, less time out and much more uncertaintly with life and work. Our team wants to help our fellow coffee industry workers as well as our customers and fans in any way we can, so this page will serve as a central hub for resources: including tips for brewing coffee at home, links for roasters and coffee companies suggested by our community and friends, and some links for ways to support the industry (or seek support if you are in need). If you have any suggestions to add below, please let us know via social media, @primacoffee.

Be safe, be well. We are all in this together.

You can read our statement regarding how we are handling the situation here.

Learn How to Brew at Home

  • How to clean your burr grinder

    How to clean your burr grinder

    A burr grinder is one of the essential tools in your coffee brewing arsenal and sets the stage for the quality of your daily cup. As we've detailed before, a good burr grinder is one of the best...

  • Care and Maintenance for coffee equipment

    Care for Coffee Equipment

    It isn’t glamorous, and it certainly isn’t anyone’s favorite step in the coffee process, but taking care of your gear is absolutely a requirement for brewing up top quality java. Coffee...

  • Flat bottom brewing principles

    Flat Bottom Brewing Principles

    "I’ve been a disciple of the flat bottomed brewer for years now, waxing poetic to anyone who would listen about the consistent extraction and the ease-of-use that initially helped the Kalita Wave break onto...

  • Chemex Brewing Principles

    Chemex Brewing Principles

    When it comes to pour over coffee there isn’t a brewer that has stood the test of time quite like the Chemex. Its Bauhaus design and light-bodied brews both appealed to American sensibilities...

  • French Press brewing principles

    French Press Brewing Principles

    There aren’t many purer representations of the wonders of full-immersion coffee brewing than the french press. Resulting in big body and rich flavors, the brewer’s simple design obscures the more complex...

  • v60 brewing principles

    V60 Brewing Principles

    Depending on where and when you got into coffee, it’s likely that Hario’s V60 was the first pour over dripper to catch your eye. By now the brewer is synonymous with specialty coffee, and for good reason...

  • Basic Brewing Principles

    Basic Brewing Principles

    Before I got my first job as a barista I marveled at what seemed like alchemy going on behind the counter. The clinking of coffee beans being weighed into tins, the loud hum of the churning grinders...

  • Intermediate brewing principles

    Intermediate Brewing Principles

    Making good coffee consistently seems easy enough—good roasted coffee, good water, and a good recipe will produce a good brew almost always. But what about great coffee? The kind of brew that sticks with you through an entire day....

  • A Beginners Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing

    A Beginners Guide to Pour Over Coffee

    Manual coffee-making methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike. The abilities to control every variable in the brewing process, create a cup...

  • How do I get started with Espresso

    Get Started With Espresso

    As you watch your barista meticulously grind coffee into a basket and carefully tamp it down, steam milk to just the right temperature, and pour a beautifully intricate rosetta into...

  • A beginners Guide to Immersion Coffee Brewing

    Beginners Guide To Immersion Brewing

    Manual brewers have become commonplace all over the coffee world—from cafes to restaurants to your friend's kitchen counter it's likely that you've seen at least one recently. While many of the brewers you're likely to come across these days...

  • Dialing in with the Bonavita Coffee Maker

    Dialing In Your Bonavita

    Bonavita has taken the automatic brewing market by storm—and for good reason. Its single button design makes for a simple user experience while still adhering to important specialty industry brewing standards...

Donate to a cause

In effort to help support our local service industry as well as those throughout the country and the globe, we have selected some charitable causes whose work can help in this time of uncertainty and need. If you are in need of assistance, we hope they are able to offer services to you—and if you are able to donate we hope you will consider doing so.

  • Gofundbean (Virtual Tip Jars)

    As cafe workers face restricted or cut hours, many companies have set up virtual tip jars - Venmo, Paypal, and Cash App accounts - to help support their staff while times are lean. Gofundbean is a collection of these virtual tip jars, which takes no cut of the money and only exists to make these donation accounts more visible in hopes of supporting our fellows in the coffee industry. Don't see your favorite cafe on the list? We recommend checking their social media to see if they have an account set up first, and if not they might appreciate the suggestion!

  • The Lee Initiative

    The Lee Initiative is a Louisville local organization that announced that it will be providing meals specifically to those in the restaurant industry here in Louisville. More information can be found on their website here or read an article about their efforts here.

  • Andytown Coffee & Food Donations

    Andytown is a beloved coffee roaster based in San Francisco (you can buy their beans below!), who has set up a donation page on their site to pay for coffee and goodies to send to healthcare workers in the Bay Area. Click through the link to see what donations are available and how to suggest a healthcare facility that deserves some love.

  • OFW Emergency Fund

    One Fair Wage is taking donations to provide cash assistance to service workers, rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, and more. If you're in need, they have a link on this page to apply for support. If you are able to donate they also have a donation link on the page.

  • Restaurant Workers Community Fund

    RWCF is a NYC-area foundation which has expanded its reach to help connect service workers and businesses in need with crisis-time funding. No matter where you are in the US, if you are a service worker or business impacted by COVID you may apply for financial relief. Those interested may also donate here to support their efforts.

  • The WHO COVID-19 Response Fund

    The World Health Organization, supported by the United Nations Foundation and the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, have established this fund to help respond to the pandemic and provide resources where they are needed most.

Support a Local Cafe or Roaster

Below we’re curating a list of coffee roasters who are still roasting and shipping. If you don’t already have a favorite coffee company to order from, we hope you’ll use this as a resource to find good people who are doing good work in your area. If you have the means, order some coffee. Consider buying merchandise to represent your favorite coffee companies. Order a gift card to send to someone who could use it. If you don’t have the means to spend beyond the absolute necessities, that’s okay too! These times are uncertain for everyone, and as important as coffee can feel some mornings, it’s more important to ensure that you and yours are safe and well.

Please reach out to us via social media @primacoffee if you’d like to suggest anything to add to our list.

All links marked with an (i) have instant or no-equipment-required coffee offerings.