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Clever Dripper and Mini Slim Plus Bundle

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Clever Dripper and Mini Slim Plus Hand Grinder
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Affordability! We’ve created this bundle for those with a tighter budget, but there is no skimping on quality here. The Clever is an affordable, easy to use, and consistent brewing device that needs no pouring kettle for precision. The Mini Slim Plus is a great option for those seeking an affordable burr grinder. Add these two together, and you have all you need for making consistently great cups, time after time! Nearly all components are made of plastic, making this bundle a great option for travel as well.

Clever Dripper:

  • Single-serving coffee dripper that holds 532mL (18 oz, yields ~16oz) of water.
  • Unique catch release on the bottom allows the dripper to drain directly into the cup when the brewing time has elapsed.
  • Extremely easy to learn and to clean up.
  • For more information, see our Abid Clever Coffee Dripper listing.
  • Includes 100 count of #4 Melitta Filters.

Hario Mini Slim Plus Grinder:

  • Small and portable hand grinder that features ceramic burrs, which are known for their durability.
  • Grind level can be easily adjusted by removing the top and turning the dial on the botom.
  • Stabilizing spring helps grind more consistently on coarser grinds.
  • For more information, see our Hario Mini Slim Plus Grinder listing.


Abid is the brains behind the Abid Clever Dripper, a full-immersion by-the-cup coffee brewer. The Abid Clever Dripper is an easy to learn, single cup manual coffee brewer that simplifies the brewing process. To brew, you place the coffee filter and coffee into the Clever Dripper, pour the desired water volume over, let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes, and then set the dripper on top of a coffee mug to drain out. The Clever has a release mechanism on the bottom that allows the dripper to drain when placed on top of the mug. Clean up is as easy as dumping out the filter and rinsing with water. The Clever is the perfect place to start for someone who is wanting an easy to use single cup coffee brewer.
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