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USED - GOOD | Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

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USED - GOOD | Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker
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Item Condition: Used - Good

Used - Good: Items that may have been previously owned or used for demonstration with noticeable evidence of use and wear. May be missing non-essential accessories and original packaging.

Item is missing the funnel.

Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty does not apply. This item will be covered by Prima for 30 days after delivery.If something were to fail within that time Prima will, at its sole discretion, either pay for warranty service onsite or pay for the unit to be returned. We will issue a refund after the item is received at our location.

Return Policy: If for any reason you decide that your purchase was not for you then you can return your purchase within 30 days of receipt by following the steps in our No-Hassle Return Policy. We recommend that you insure your shipment to protect against lost shipments and freight damage.

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The Aerobie AeroPress features:

  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • Durable plastic design makes for easy setup and cleanup
  • Versatile design allowing you to make anything from single-cups of coffee to concentrated espresso-like coffee

For a full review of the Aerobie AeroPress click here.

What's in the box?

  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Stirring Paddle
  • 350 Filters
  • Scoop


For a company responsible for churning out flying discs used in recreation, the designers at Aerobie have demonstrated that creativity can be used in a multitude of different venues. With their highly rated AeroPress coffee maker, Aerobie has proven itself to be a skillful competitor in the specialty coffee equipment manufacturer category. The AeroPress design is simple, yet ingenious. It implements a variety of different brew methods, utilizing good qualities of each. Because of its versatility, low cost, and ease of use, the AeroPress has quickly become a favorite for home coffee brewers.

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Coffee presses are nice to travel with!

I just loved taking my AeroPress on a recent trip. I was able to brew coffee that I bought from a local roaster in Dallas in my hotel room. Easy to use, clean, and pack.

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