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Astoria Plus 4 You 3 Group Automatic Espresso Machine

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SKU: Plus 4 You SAE 3

Astoria's flagship machine incorporates technical care and control with their new smart, energy efficient software. The Astoria Plus 4 You, available in this new style, dedicates individual boilers to each grouphead, in addition to sporting an oversized steam boiler. The temperature of the steam boiler, coffee water reservoir, and groupheads can be set individually via a digital control panel. The Plus 4 You is also the first espresso machine in Astoria's "Green Line," and can save the shop up to 47% in energy costs. With patented software, the machine learns the work load requirements of various times of the day and week and uses that information to activate functions only when and where they are needed.

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    Green Technology

    As the first machine in Astoria's Green Line, the Plus 4 You can save the owner up to 47% on energy costs. This is accomplished through their newly developed software that learns peak times and regulates power distribution throughout the day as needed.
  • Volumetric dosing (single- or doubleshot)
  • Display indicates ambient humidity
  • Temperature Stability and Control

    The Plus 4 You features a separate boiler for each group head. The temperature of each group is controlled independently through the digital control panel. The electronic temperature control for each group provides precise temperature stability with a maximum temperature variance of 1°C. The temperature can be controlled for the steam boiler, coffee water reservoir, and the individual groupheads.
  • Display indicates water pressure in the hydraulic circuit
  • Display indicates volumetric pump pressure
  • Smart Technology

    Astoria's Green Technology learns the peak performance times during the day and the week and uses this information to put one or more groups on standbye during non-peak hours. The Astoria Plus 4 You also features a self-diagnostic system which helps the barista identify errors in coffee extraction. If a shot is not extracted properly, the machine will show the barista a simple message recommending a fix.
  • Programming of the washing cycles
  • 13 L steam boiler and 1.1 L coffee tank per group.
  • Digital Display

    The Plus 4 You features a multi-functional control panel for guided navigation in the display menus. The display helps you track the status of the machine and features: a counter for the number of shots pulled for each serving size, diagnostic messages for easier service, settings for manual or automatic energy savings, notice of required water softening, and the control of machine parameters.
    Manufacturer: Astoria
    Model: Plus 4 You SAE 3
    Machine type: Automatic
    Groups: Three
    Basket size: 58 mm
    Coffee boiler: 1.1 L per group
    Steam Boiler: 13 L
    PID: No - electronic temperature control of group, steam boiler, and coffee reservoir
    Group head to drain tray: 7.5 inches
    Electrical: 220 volts / 5600 Watts / 24.9 Amps
    Dimensions: 42.1" W x 22.8" D x 22.6" H (with 4" adjustable legs)
    Weight: 207 lbs.
    Color: Red and charcoal
  • Connecting hoses
  • Portafilters
  • Warranty: One year parts and 90 days service
    List price: $15,400

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    Astoria is an Italian-based espresso machine manufacturing company focused on providing quality machines at an affordable price. Aside from their affordability, espresso machines produced by Astoria are known for their longevity and ability to produce exceptional espresso based beverages. For those looking for a quality commercial espresso machine on a budget, Astoria is the machine for you.
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