Bonavita BV1901GW 8-cup Coffee Maker w/ Hot Plate

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Flat Bottom Brewing

Following in the footsteps of the classic BV1800 brewer, Bonavita’s new BV1901GW glass carafe brewer has been redesigned from the ground up. Incorporating many of the design attributes from the BV1900TS thermal carafe brewer - plus a few extras - the BV1901GW is one of the most capable automatic coffee brewers available and is positioned to become a favorite among home enthusiasts and coffee professionals alike.

The BV1901GW’s most notable features include a shallow flat bottomed brew basket, which offers a more even extraction by reducing turbulence and ensuring an even flow of water through the grounds. An optional pre-infusion stage, engaged by holding the on/off button down for 5 seconds, introduces a small amount of water to the coffee grounds then disengages briefly, allowing the grounds to absorb water and degas before full infusion begins. During and after your brew the BV1901GW’s heating plate will keep your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. The heating plate also has a non-stick coating, which prevents staining and makes the plate easy to clean. Other features include an audible alert when the brewing cycle is complete, a 1560-watt heater that heats water in seconds and keeps brewing water above 200 F, and a beautiful all-glass carafe which helps preserve flavor and allows you to see your coffee as it’s being brewed.

Refined through years of experience and customer feedback, Bonavita has combined exciting new features and a host of proven design concepts that make for one of the best user experiences found in an automatic coffee brewer. Say goodbye to that old coffee pot -- we think you’ll love the BV1901GW!

What's in the Box

  • BV1901GW Coffeemaker
  • 50 paper filters
  • Coffee machine cleaner


  • 8-cup (40 fl oz) automatic coffee maker
  • Non-stick coated warming plate (keeps coffee warm for 40 minutes)
  • Two brew modes: standard and pre-infusion
  • Optimal water temperature for coffee brewing
  • Redesigned shower head for more even grounds saturation
  • Powerful 1560-watt heater keeps water above 200 F and heats water quickly
  • Tempered glass carafe
  • Audible sound when brew cycle is complete
  • 2 year warranty


Width: 6 13/16 in.
Length: 12 5/8 in.
Height: 12 1/4 in.
Capacity: 40 fl oz. / 1.3 L
Brew style: Auto drip
Voltage: 120 V
Watts: 1560 W
Amps: 13 A
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