Bottomless Portafilter for Crossland CC1 Espresso Machines

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A bottomless portafilter is the ideal tool for diagnosing your espresso prep routine, as it opens a window on possible faults in your espresso extraction. By observing the bare basket bottom, you can see if your shots are channeling in a particular area, if your tamp is uneven, even if you have small pinhole "spritzers" that would otherwise be hidden by the bottom of the portafilter and spouts. This bottomless portafilter is made to fit your Crossland CC1 espresso machine, so you can work on perfecting your shot prep and take your shots to the next level.

Includes a factory-cut and finished bottomless portafilter, made of chromed brass with a plastic handle. Does not include a basket, but will fit the baskets that come with the Crossland CC1 espresso machine and should fit most 58 mm espresso baskets. May not fit any other 58 mm groups due to group size and shape variance.


  • Chromed stainless steel portafilter with plastic handle
  • Bottomless design for better shot diagnosis and richer crema
  • 58 mm basket size (may not fit other machines)
  • Espresso basket not included
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