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OPEN BOX - NEW | Espresso Parts EPPR6102 In-Counter Rinser

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No-Hassle Return
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Item Condition: Open Box - New

Open Box - New: New, unused items, with damaged or replacement packaging.

Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty does not apply. This item will be covered by Prima for 30 days after delivery.If something were to fail within that time Prima will, at its sole discretion, either pay for warranty service onsite or pay for the unit to be returned. We will issue a refund after the item is received at our location.

Return Policy: If for any reason you decide that your purchase was not for you then you can return your purchase within 30 days of receipt by following the steps in our No-Hassle Return Policy. We recommend that you insure your shipment to protect against lost shipments and freight damage.

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The EPPR6102 Features:

  • Convenient wide drain pan
  • Easy installation with quick-fittings
  • NSF Certification

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What's in the box?

  • Drain Pan
  • Sprayhead with Inlet Connector
  • Drain Connector
  • Drain Basket
  • Cold water connector: 3/8" John Guest press fitting (not for hot water use)
  • Drain connector: 1/2" barb fitting (removable to hard plumb a 1-1/2" pipe)
  • Recommended Water Pressure: 15-30 PSI
  • Outside dimensions of the pan only: 10-1/4" by 6-3/8" (average flange is 5/16")
  • Stainless steel pan (edges can be sharp please use caution when handling pan)
  • NSF Certified

Espresso Parts

For over twenty year, Espresso Parts has been a figurehead for coffee equipment, parts, and service. They have long been a go-to provider for commercial machines and grinders, focusing on both quality and service. The same values and expertise have also helped them develop their own innovative products, designed with cafes and professionals in mind. With years of experience and a solid vision, Espresso Parts' reputation for excellence is well-earned.

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