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Urnex Cafe Wipz

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Urnex Cafe Wipz
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Urnex Brands, Inc. has come a long way since the inception of their first urn cleaner to include a complete portfolio of coffee cleaning products which serve all facets of the modern coffee industry. Today, Urnex® Brand products can be found anywhere from the countertops of home coffee enthusiasts to the world's most sophisticated espresso bars.

  • 1 Pack of Urnex Cafe Wipz (100 Wipz per pack)
  • Pre-moistened, fragrance free coffee equipment cleaning wipes
  • Designed for use on steam wands, grinder hoppers and countertops

*Image is a representation. Actual product may vary based on model, size, and options selected.

Manufacturer: Espresso Supply
Model: 02019
Amount per Pack: 100 Wipes
Weight: 1 lb

Espresso Supply

It takes a thorough understanding of the specialty coffee market to operate a successful coffee enterprise. Whether you are opening a coffee cart, cafe, or adding espresso to an existing restaurant, understanding the operational pitfalls is crucial to the success of your operation. Espresso Supply has used their expertise to develop a full line of espresso accessories and small wares designed to facilitate the operation of an espresso bar or coffee business.
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