Fetco CBS-2121P Automatic Pour Over Coffee Brewer - Discontinued

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This item has been discontinued and replaced with a newer model: Fetco's cbs-2121pw. You may also want to view similar brewers below.


23 lbs
10.75 in
12.25 in
20.75 in


The Fetco CBS-2121P is an excellent choice for the small restaurant or cafe that wants to provide a tasty cup of coffee but that doesn't need the high volume output of large batch brewers. Sporting a 0.5 gallon brewing capacity the CBS-2121P is also an excellent choice for an office or breakroom. With an easily accessible on/off switch on the front panel, you will no longer need to worry about plugging and unplugging your brewer, allowing for user-friendly control. This brewer also eliminates down time with its easy-to-see LED green ready light indicating that it is ready to brew. This will allow you to make more coffee and ensure your customers are served as quickly as possible.

What makes this brewer unique is that it is constructed with a spray head. Rather than water just dripping through one hole into the center of the coffee bed, the spray head causes the water to be evenly distributed across the bed, allowing you to consistently brew balanced and flavorful coffee.

Unlike many other automatic coffee brewers, this unit does not have a start/stop switch, thus, once the ready light turns on, pour one carafe of fresh water into the screened area on top of the brewer. This will initiate the brewing process. We recommend evenly distributing 115 grams fresh ground coffee in the filter for a full 1.9 liter pot. Simply slide the brew basket into place on the upper rails of the brewer and place an empty dispenser beneath the brew basket. We recommend the Fetco D055 1.9 Liter Low Profile Thermal Tabletop Server (sold separately) which is ideal for keeping your coffee hotter longer and is designed to accommodate the two unheated stations on your brewer. In total, the brew should take about five minutes.

If you prefer a brewer equipped with warming stations, we recommend Fetco's CBS-2121PW Pourover Brewer with two warming plates and Regular or Decaf 1.9 Liter Glass Servers (sold separately).

The CBS-2121P is an efficient and compact pourover brewer at a competitive price point, created by a company with years of experience in batch brewing.

What's in the Box?

  • (1) Brewer
  • (1) Plastic Brew Basket


Product Features

  • Lighted on/off switch on the front panel allows for easy power control
  • LED green ready light eliminates down time between brews indicating exactly when the unit is ready to brew
  • 2 unheated stations ideal for thermal carafes keep coffee hotter longer
  • Durable plastic brew baskets make for easy brew prep
  • Attractive stainless steel finish increases durability and decreases cleaning time


Manufacturer: Fetco
Model: CBS-2121-P
Width: 7 5/8 in.
Depth: 19 in.
Height: 19in.
Empty Weight: 17 lbs.
Hot Water Tank Capacity: 1.4 gallons
Warmers 0
Voltage 120
Electrical Connection NEMA 5-15P
Amp Draw 11.1
Heater Configuration 1.4kW

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