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Hottop Home Coffee Roaster KN-8828P-2K with Free 6 lb Green Coffee Sampler

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Hottop Home Coffee Roaster KN-8828P-2K
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SKU: KN-8828P-2K
4.5 stars, based on 2 reviews

Free coffee for the holidays! Add the "Coffee Sampler" add-on when adding this item to your cart to get a free 6 lb green coffee sampler as well! You'll get 2 lbs each of 3 different, delicious coffees, so you can practice your hand at home roasting with ease!

The Hottop KN-8828P-2K (replaces the KN-8828P-2) is a fully programmable coffee roaster. With its roots firmly established in the dependability and solid design of the original KN-8828 analog-display, pre-programmed model, and with its predecessor the KN-8828D digital-display model, the new "KN-8828P-2K Programmable" will allow the user to modify the roast program to suit their needs, satisfy their personal taste, or best match their preferred coffee origin and brewing method. The user pre-sets the time, temperature, and fan speed for eight segments of the roast, and the Hottop P model does the rest. This model has recently been updated with an emergency manual eject mechanism for increased safety. The Hottop also comes in a basic, full-control model, the KN-8828B-2K.

Highlighted Features

  • Operable in automatic or semi-manual mode.
  • Roast beans by temperature and save up to nine roast profiles. Each profile consists of eight segments, in which time, temperature, and fan speed can be manipulated independently. The user sets the parameters for each of these variables and the machine controls the temperature during the roast. The user has full control of the segments when programming the roast profile, but can only change the target temperature of each segment once the roast begins.
  • Real-time LCD display shows segment time remaining, total time remaining, temperature, and fan speed.

Standard Features

  • Roast cycle: 12-22 minutes; time can be added when necessary
  • Capacity: up to 300 grams per batch (best results with 250 grams)
  • External cooling tray with agitation arm and fan; beans cool in 4-5 minutes
  • Large, 4-inch viewing window provides a view of the beans during the roast
  • 750W heating element
  • Steel drum measures 4 by 8 inches
  • Audible signaling of roast progress
  • Manual emergency eject pin
Manufacturer: Hottop
Model: KN-8828P-2K
Width: 10"
Depth: 19"
Height: 14"
Voltage: 110
Weight: 20 lbs.


Hottop Coffee Roasters incorporate commercial grade features into a home roasters. Unlike many home roasters, Hottops allow the roaster to monitor the entire roasting process. This includes being able to see the beans, as well as control the heating element and the fan (on the basic model). The Hottop design is advanced enough to allow a skilled roaster to determine optimal parameters, but it is also simple enough to enable newcomers to produce evenly roasted, fresh coffee with a fantastic flavor. Built with quality materials, including the one-of-a-kind cooling tray that works to cool the beans in under four minutes, the Hottop Coffee Roaster is able to produce roasted coffee on par with any coffee you could purchase at the store. With green coffee bean selling for half the price of roasted beans, the Hottop is an investment that will pay you back in the long run.

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5 / 5 stars

Superb coffee roaster.

I enjoy the flexibility of the roaster, but think the chaff sorting could use some work. It seems that about one-quarter of the chaff remains in the drum instead of being expelled into the drawer, so I end up taking the front cover off and vacuuming out chaff every 3-4 roasts. I wish that the roaster pre-heated to a higher temperature since it drops about 40 degrees when I add the beans and it takes awhile for it to heat back up. It takes a little longer to roast with this than a popcorn popper, but you get a whole lot more roast consistency, as well as more control over your roast. I'm still learning how to fully utilize this lovely machine, but am glad I purchased it; wish I got it 50 pounds of coffee ago!

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4 / 5 stars

Great home roaster!

I love having the smell of fresh roasted coffee in the air and recommend to those interested in roasting their own! Appreciate the dual roasting modes (manual and automatic) and the option to save a program so you can duplicate later to achieve same results in the roast.

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