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Kalita Wave Pour Over Set-Up

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The Wave Series from Kalita is the newest player in the pour-over brewing game. Kalita Wave drippers feature flat-bottom geometry designed to encourage a more even extraction, less dependent upon pouring technique than cone-shaped counterparts. The Wave Series drippers feature a handsome design and a smaller learning curve for those new to manual coffee brewing. The Kalita bundle makes a great gift for the newbie just getting into manual, pour-over brewing, and the coffee geek wanting to add versatility to his or her collection!

Kalita Wave Dripper Features

  • The Kalita Wave Dripper is a pour-over coffee brewer whose flat bottom design allows for an easier brewing style than other pour-over brewers.
  • The Kalita Dripper is available in 155 (the small), and in two materials: glass and stainless. (choose your style by selecting "Click for Available Options" above)
  • The Kalita Wave filters included in this bundle feature an accordion design that pushes the filters away from the side of the dripper, allowing for more temperature stability and a quicker brew.
  • For more information, see our Kalita Wave Dripper listing.

Kalita Wave Server Features

  • The Kalita Glass Server comes in either 300mL (10.14oz) or 500mL (16oz) glass server. Select size from options above.
  • Server comes with lid

Kalita Wave Filters

  • The Kalita Wave Filters will fit perfectly your dripper and help give the Wave Dripper part of its unique design and function.
  • Includes 100 Count of White Filters. (Brown are no longer available)
  • Make sure that the filters you select matches the size of dripper you select, by selecting "Click for Available Options" above.


Kalita is a Japanese based company that specializes in producing coffee brewing equipment. Most notably they are the creators of the Kalita Wave Dripper and Kalita Wave Kettle. The Kalita Wave Dripper brings an innovative design to the pour over process with its wave filter and flat-bottom geometry. The wave filter helps temperature stability by keeping the water away from the brewer material and using air as an insulator. The flat bottom geometry helps provide an even extraction.

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Perfect for a quick cup

This is the first time, I've tried the Kalita coffee brewing system. I'm fairly coffee-gadget heavy and so far this has been a very positive experience. I've been using an Aeropress for the last year or so, and I would have to say that the Kalita is doing a more consistent job at brewing a very good cup. The 155 is a small dripper, so I'm only brewing with about 165 grams of water at a time. The Kalita server and dripper are as beautiful as they are simple. I'm a convert.

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