Lelit Bianca PID V2 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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  • Lelit Bianca against a white background
  • Lelit Bianca side view with hot water dispenser visible
  • Lelit Bianca back view against a white background
  • Lelit Bianca side view with steam wand visible
  • Lelit Bianca plumb-in kit
  • Lelit microfiber towel
  • Lelit metal 58mm tamper
  • Water softener cartridge for Lelit machines
  • Lelit Bianca accessories including wood portafilters

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  • What's in the box

  • Lelit Bianca (version 2021.05)
  • Bottomless portafilter with walnut handle
  • Double-spouted portafilter with walnut handle
  • Single, double, triple, and blank baskets
  • Stainless steel tamper with aluminum handle
  • Group cleaning brush
  • Plastic scoop
  • Lelit microfiber cloth
  • Water hose and drain for direct connect
Lelit Bianca flow control paddle being used

Total Control

The most premium model in Lelit's Pro Line of espresso machines, the Bianca boasts unparalleled control over brewing parameters through manual and automatic means. In addition to luxuries that are accessed through the small but powerful digital LCC (Lelit Control Center), the Bianca features a manual flow control paddle on the grouphead, allowing you to manipulate the flow of water entering the coffee during the extraction. You can monitor the pressure at the puck through a manometer (mounted below the paddle), allowing mid-shot adjustments. The LCC menu makes is easy to adjust the temperature in the steam and coffee boilers by degrees and to program pre-infusion, which includes both a saturation and a pause period before the pump kicks on to full pressure. Taken together, all of this means that with a little practice you will be able to extract exactly what you want out of every coffee.

View from under the bottomless portafilter on the Lelit Bianca

Distinctive Design

In addition to the technical features, the Bianca boasts distinctive design decisions not found on many home machines. Perhaps the most impactful is the clever, repositionable 2.5-liter water reservoir, which allows the Bianca to be reconfigured to fit your kitchen space. If you have limited depth, for instance, you can attach the reservoir on one of the sides; and if you have limited width, you can attach the reservoir to the back. If you decide to connect the machine directly to the water line, you can remove the reservoir and save space all around. In addition, the Bianca has touches of walnut on the steam actuators, dispensing lever, paddle, and even the four adjustable feet; an anti-burn (also called "cool-touch") steam wand; and comes standard with a walnut-handled bottomless portafilter.

Steaming milk with the Bianca

Replete with Goodies

The Bianca is replete with goodies but so is the accessories package that comes with it. The box will arrive chock-full of extras like a double-spouted portafilter (with a polished wood handle to match the machine), a 58mm stainless steel tamper, a four-hole steam wand tip (for more powerful steam than is delivered by the two-hole tip that comes installed), a microfiber cloth (for keeping the stainless steel polished and portafilters clean), three baskets (including a metal blind for backflushing), and all the hoses and components necessary for plumbing in the machine. There will be no delay between the day you receive the Bianca and the day you start making great espresso with it.


    Variable flow paddle




    PID temperature control


    Pre-infusion programming

More Features

3-year parts and labor warranty

Dual boilers

Wood accents

Cool-touch steam wand


Model: Lelit Bianca
Weight: 59 lbs
Dimensions (DxWxH): 19.1 (with reservoir) x 11.4 x 15.75 inches
Steam boiler capacity: 1.5 liter
Brew boiler capacity: .8 liter
Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters
Power supply: 120V

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