Marco Ecoboiler Hot Water Boiler - T5 and T10

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22 lbs
8.2 in
19.8 in
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Headquarted in Dublin, Ireland, Marco Beverage Systems designed the T5 and T10 Ecoboilers to provide a pair of innovative, efficient, and high-quality hot water delivery systems to the global foodservice industry. Available as 1.3 gallon (5 liter) or 2.6 gallon (10 liter) units, the Marco Ecoboilers are tap dispense atmospheric water boilers capable of producing 7.3 gallons (156 cups) of output per hour. Choose which size would suit your cafe best by selecting from the available options at checkout. Plus, the T5 and T10 are constructed with 95% recyclable materials, allowing them to maintain a small environmental footprint.

These hot water dispensers are controlled electronically through a few simple controls on the front of the unit. The T5 has one button that functions both as a power button and status indicator. The T10 has a separate power button, status indicator, and an ecomode button which minimizes the energy wasted during machine downtime by maintaining the water at 96°C (204°F) while slowly dropping the machine tank to half full, limiting the energy lost to the surrounding environment.

To top it all off, Marco designed the Ecoboiler to be easy to descale and service, helping your hot water tower function at its best for as long as possible. They believe in the products they've designed and back the T5 and T10 with a one-year parts only warranty. More information can be found regarding the warranty under the "features" tab on this listing. Since 1980, Marco has been designing excellent and reliable hot water machines, and the Marco T5 and T10 Ecoboilers are two great additions to that lineage.

What's in the Box?

  • (1) Marco T5 5 Liter Ecoboiler or T10 10 Liter Ecoboiler
  • (1) NEMA L6-20P moulded power cord
  • (1) 3/8 in. NPT connection


Standard Features:

  • 5 liter tap dispense atmospheric water boiler
  • 1.3 or 2.6 gallon options
  • 7.3 gallons of output per hour
  • 156 cups per hour
  • Plumbs directly into a mains supply
  • Electronically controlled
  • Easy to descale, service, and maintain the quality of the unit
  • Made from 95% recyclable materials

Commercial Warranty:

  • 12 month manufacturer warranty on parts only.


Brand: Marco Beverage Systems Marco Beverage Systems
Model: Ecoboiler T5 EcoBoiler T10
SKU: 1000660US 1000661US
Width: 8.2 in. 8.2 in.
Depth: 19.8 in. 19.8 in.
Height: 18.3 in. 23.2 in.
Weight: 22 lbs. 27.5 lbs.
Tap to Tray: 7.2 in. 7.2 in.
Immediate Draw Off: 1.3 gal. 2.6 gal.
Output per Hour: 7.3 gal. 7.3 gal.
Cups per Hour: 156 156
Power at 230V: 2.8kW 2.8kW
Electrical Configuration:* NEMA L6-20P NEMA L6-20P
Plumbing Requirement:† 3/8 in. NPT 3/8 in. NPT

* This ecoboiler comes supplied with a NEMA L6-20P moulded power cord. A suitable mains power supply socket should be available within easy access of the appliance so that it can be disconnected easily after installation.

† This ecoboiler comes supplied with a 3/8 in. NPT connection. Mains water pressure required (limits): 14.5-145psi (100-1000kPa, 0.1-1MPa).

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