OptiPure FXPT-11CR Chloramine Reduction Post-Treatment Water Filter

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Optipure's FXPT-11CR chloramine reduction filter is a simple and effective assurance for your coffee and tea brewing equipment. Chloramine, a common disinfectant used in municipal water supplies, can have corrosive effects when in prolonged contact with rubber seals or other machine parts. In some water treatment situations, a dedicated chloramine-reducing filter may be required, even if the water is already treated via reverse osmosis or ion exchange. The FXPT-11CR filter is designed to install post-treatment between your RO or filtration system and your brewing equipment, to ensure proper reduction of chloramine.

The FXPT-11CR is a simple single-housing filter system which takes a replaceable drop-in filter cartridge (cartridge model CCM-10). Where water conditions are favorable it can serve as a complete water filtration system, reducing particulate down 1 micron, with chlorine reduction at 1 gpm up to 35,000 gallons, and chloramine reduction at 0.5 gpm up to 3,500 gallons. Please see the attached spec sheet for more information.

As with all our water treatment products, we highly recommend first testing your water supply with a water test kit before making a purchase.


FXPT-11CR Features:

  • 0.5 GPM
  • Reduces sediment, chlorine, and chloramine
  • Designed for post-treatment chloramine reduction with reverse osmosis systems
  • Up to 35,000 gallon cartridge lifespan for chlorine and sediment, 3,500 for chloramine
  • May be used as primary water treatment in some environments (water quality testing highly recommended)
  • Includes mounting bracket and 3/8" PTC inlet/outlet fittings


Model: OptiPure FXPT-11CR
Performance Capacity: 3,500 gal chloramine reduction (0.5 gpm), 35,000 gal chlorine and sediment reduction (1.0 gpm)
Processor Dimensions: 13.3"H x 6.4" W x 5.1" D
Feedwater Connection: 3/8" Push Fit Tubing
Operating Pressure Range: 10-125 psi at 0.5 gpm (0.7-8.6 bar)
Inlet Water Temp Range: 35*-100*F (2*-38*C)
Sediment Reduction 1 micron
Service Flow Rate: 0.5 - 1 gpm
OptiPure FXPT-11CR Spec Sheet
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