OptiPure SRO70 Reverse Osmosis System

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The OptiPure SRO70 is a complete water treatment system with pre-filtration, an Advanced Membrane Separation Processor, and post-filtration. It is essentially a straight-forward Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, without the mineral addition technology found in the OP175 and the OP70 or the blending capabilities of the BWS100.

The system is capable of removing more than 97% of the water’s total dissolved solids (TDS). Its use of the pre- and post-filtration cartridges help to minimize chlorine and particulates, effectively extending the life of the membrane and aiding in purer water. When operating at proper line pressure (60psi), the SRO70 can produce up to 70+ gallons of optimal quality water per day and is intended for circumstances where TDS reduction or the near-complete removal of hardness minerals is desired. It also has a filtered water tap for times that RO water is not needed.

The OptiPure SRO70 is available with a 2 or 5 gallon storage tank. As a general guide, the 5 gallon tank would be ideal for situations where you might be using 2 gallons or less per hour The 2 gallon option is designed more for general drinking water or for home users. Please note that pure RO water is not recommended for coffee brewing applications.

On top of this, because of its compact and non-electric design, the SRO70 is especially easy to install in tight situations. And with its color-coded hoses, clear directions, and included materials, you’ll have it up and running in no time.

What's in the box



  • Typical TDS Rejection: 97+%
  • Product Water Production (at 77°F, 60psi): 70 gals/day, 2.9 gals/hr



  • Processor Dimensions: 14.5"h x 10.8"w x 4.6"d
  • 5-gallon Tank Dimensions: 20.3"h x 12.3"dia.
  • 2-gallon Tank Dimensions: 15.4"h x 11"dia.
  • Connection (inlet and outlet): ⅜" Push Fit Tubing (polytube)
  • Operating Pressure Range: 60-85 psi at 0.5 gpm
  • Inlet Water Temperature Range: 40°-100°F (4°-38°C)
  • Drain Connection: 2 GPM Minimum Flow

Feed-Water Chemistry

  • Feed TDS: Up to 1200 ppm
  • Feed pH: 6-10
  • Hardness: 12 grains or less
  • Free Chlorine: <2 mg/l
  • Iron: 0.1mg/l max
  • Turbidity: 0.05 ntu
  • Manganese: 0.05mg/l max
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: 0.0mg/l
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