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USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 Hand Grinder

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USED - EXCELLENT | Orphan Espresso LIDO 3 Hand Grinder
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Item Condition: Used - Excellent

Used - Excellent: Items that have been used for demonstration or owned previously, but have minor evidence of use. This item will have all of its accessories but may be missing its original packaging.

Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty does not apply. This item will be covered by Prima for 30 days after delivery.If something were to fail within that time Prima will, at its sole discretion, either pay for warranty service onsite or pay for the unit to be returned. We will issue a refund after the item is received at our location.

Return Policy: If for any reason you decide that your purchase was not for you then you can return your purchase within 30 days of receipt by following the steps in our No-Hassle Return Policy. We recommend that you insure your shipment to protect against lost shipments and freight damage.

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The LIDO 3 features:

  • 48mm Swiss-made conical steel burrs
  • 70 gram hopper capacity
  • Stepless adjustment with a full grind range
  • Fold-in handle with rubberized grip

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What's in the box?

  • Grinder
  • Hopper lid
  • Neoprene case
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hex tool
  • Manual

Orphan Espresso

Long known for their expert support for vintage and lever espresso machines, Orphan Espresso have been integral to a growing community of coffee enthusiasts. When they first started fabricating their own parts and products, they were a huge hit, which eventually led to them designing and manufacturing hand grinders as well. Now in its third iteration, the LIDO hand grinder is known for being a compact and high-quality grinder, with a grind quality to match much more expensive electric models.

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5 / 5 stars

Excellent Hand Grinder

Very fast shipping. The grinder is indeed in excellent used condition. I didn't see any scratche at all. No sign of use except a very little coffee grinds traps between the burr mechanisms. I use this grinder mostly for espresso machine, La Pavoni Lever machine to be exact. I was impressed the first time I saw how uniform the grind size are. Also, another huge reason I bought this grinder is even though it is a hand grinder, it grinds super quick. I grind 13g of close to Turkish grind size coffee bean in about 30 seconds. It will take more than 2 mins for my Hario Slim. Another reason I wanted to convert back to hand grinding is the grind wastes. I am wasting many coffee when I used my electric grinder. I have tried few different electric grinders but they all have quite a bit of grinds left in the chamber after every use and the wastes add up. Compare to that, the Lido3 has very little left over grinds which small enough that I wouldn't do any "clean up pre-grind" now days. Now I have my complete set of manual espresso setup and I am very happy about it. So, overall: 1. I am convinced that this grinder is at the grind quality of the $500 electric grinders. 2. It's Stepless grinder which is good for espresso grinds adjustment. 3. I have heard that this grinder also give uniform grinds at the courser setting, so it's a overall high quality grinder for different brewing method. 4. The whole grinder can be disassembled using the provided screw driver. Also, it's very easy to service it whenever I needed to. Some people said it has alignment issue but it's easy to re-align myself if I ever feel that it needs to. It's very easy to take part to clean the burr too. Not to mention the cleaning brush is also included. 5.If time is the reason you give up on hand grinding, this grinder will give you a new conception on hand grinding. I love hand grinding because I am a hands on person. I like the sound and feel of the beans smashing and breaking apart. Also, less electric part equals less electric problem to worry about. For this grinder? None. 6. Last but not least,it comes with a folding handle and a pretty nice traveling bag along with a screw driver( only tool you need for the grinder) and a brush. 7. With all that Pros above and it's only selling for $200 ( $168 for used). It can't get anything better than that.

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