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Billiard Phoenix Smooth Briar Espresso Tamper

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While the original Billiard Phoenix has been sold, we are more than happy to indulge requests for this style of tamper. Please note that every tamper's grain will have its own unique characteristics, and thus each will be one of a kind. Still in love with this style? Contact us today!

With symmetrical, wing-like flame grain on either side of the neck and birds-eye grain in between, I couldn't help being reminded of the mythical phoenix. For reference, the main image shows the left wing pointed downward. There is even beak-like flame grain on the top edge of the head to finish off the look. Ancient mythical creatures aside, the shape is a classic. The head is somewhat flat on top with smooth, round edges, creating a comfortable grip. The neck flares up into the head at the top and tapers down slowly to a slightly asymmetrical bottom which creates a fine separation at the base. Out of all our Cavendish Series tampers, this one's shape is most similar to that of our standard aluminum handle tampers, which makes it perfect for those who want the beauty of briar and the same familiar feel of a common tamper. Because of its common shape, we named it after the most popular tobacco pipe shape, the "billiard".

- P.A.S.

Handle and 58mm Flat Base:

Height: 3 5/8"
Width: 2 5/16"
Weight: ~13 oz

Handle Only:

Height: 2 7/8"
Width: 1 15/16"
Weight: ~2.5 oz

58mm Flat Base Only:

Height: 3/4"
Width: 2 5/16"
Weight: ~10.5 oz
Learn more about the rare and beautiful wood used on Cavendish Series espresso tampers

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