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Gear Rental - US CoffeeChamps 2018 Prelims

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If you're preparing to compete here in Louisville for the 2018 CoffeeChamps Preliminary, consider yourself lucky! We're proud to call Louisville our home, and we think you're going to love our fine city. If you happen to be in need of some options for brewing equipment, we're also more than happy to help you out! For this Prelim, we're offering a simple equipment rental for all US Brewers Cup competitors coming to Louisville.

How it works:

If you're in need of brewing wares or you'd like to try a new brewing device for the competition, take a look at what we're offering below. When you add this item to your cart, you'll be asked to select a brewing device, and will be presented with a rental deposit of $50. When your order is processed, you'll be charged that fee, plus $3 for KY sales tax, and we'll hold the items for you to be delivered directly to the competition area (you'll also get an email confirmation of your payment being received). Once you're at Quills for the competition, you can come pick up your gear from our station and get brewing! The rental period extends from the beginning of the day on September 28th to 5 PM EST on October 1st, 2017.

What you'll get:

Each brewing device below is a little different, but you'll be receiving everything you need to brew properly with the item you've selected. In the case of a pourover dripper, you'll get the dripper plus filters and a server, but for a french press, you just need the press so nothing else will be included. And of course, you'll be receiving everything in pairs as required for your routine. Don't see the item you want on this list? Just contact us at and we'll see what we can do to fix you up. Rental deposit amounts may vary for custom orders.

Returning the equipment:

Whenever you're ready to return your gear, you can just bring it right back to our stand at the Preliminary (please remember to include the original packaging). All rented equipment must be returned in person by 5 PM EST on October 1st, 2017. We'll check the items for damage and process a return for you right there. You'll get a receipt for your return, and your refund should be processed in a few business days. If equipment parts or original packaging are missing or damaged, part of your deposit may be withheld to cover the damage. You'll be informed of this in person when you return the equipment, and your final receipt will note it as well.

Keeping the equipment:

You may also decide to keep the equipment you've used if you want. Just let us know at our stand at the Preliminary and we'll mark you down for keeping the gear. You will not be issued a refund for your deposit. If you change your mind before the rental period is over, that's fine too, just bring the equipment back and we'll process the return as explained above.

Destroyed, lost or stolen equipment:

It's important to remember that by renting brewing equipment for the CoffeeChamps Preliminary, you are agreeing to accept responsibility for its care and condition until it is returned. If for some reason the brewing equipment you've rented is damaged excessively, rendered unusable, destroyed, lost or stolen, you agree and accept that your refund will be withheld either partially or entirely to cover the cost of the equipment. We urge you to exercise mindfulness and care when using and storing the equipment at the event. If you are unsure where or how to store your equipment between your assigned practice and performance times, check with Quills or the event volunteers for information.

Brewing Device Options:

  • Aeropress coffeemaker with Hario 600 mL Range Server
  • Bonavita Immersion Dripper with Hario 600 mL Range Server and Melitta #4 Filters
  • Clever Coffee Dripper with Hario 600 mL Range Server and Melitta #4 Filters
  • Espro P3 Glass French Press, 18 oz
  • Eva Solo Cafe Solo, 1 L
  • Hario V60, size 02 Ceramic with 40 Hario white V60 paper filters and Hario 600 mL Range Server
  • notNeutral GINO Dripper with notNeutral GINO filters and Hario 600 mL Range Server

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