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Is your coffee set up Instagram ready? Well now it can be with the #CoffeeLife Bundle, full of hand curated coffee equipment that you'll never want to take off of your counter tops.

Bundle Contents

Hario Bona Enamel Pouring Kettle 800 mL
Comandante C40 MKIII Hand Grinder

Hario Olivewood Coffee Press


When this curated collection of coffee gear hits your counter top, you'll never want to put it away. The wood and matte white styling of the Hario Bona Enamel Kettle plays perfectly with the Hario Olivewood Coffee Press and Comandante Hand Grinder, no filter necessary.

The Bona kettle by Hario matches a modern approach to pour-over brewing with a classic enameled steel look. The kettle holds up to 1.4L of water total, but works best at just under a liter to prevent splashing and spilling while you work.

We're huge fans of the Comandante C40 MKIII Hand Grinder not only for its ergonomic design and sleek aesthetic, but for its exceptional grind quality as well. It is outfitted with a stainless steel axle, crank, and micro ball bearings, as well as high-nitrogen martensitic steel burrs which are highly resistant to pitting. The Comandante C40 is capable of grinding for anything from Turkish Coffee to a French Press, and changing that grind setting is simple with its stepped grind adjustment—just count the number of clicks past zero and return to that setting whenever you need to.

When both of those products come together with the Hario Olivewood Coffee Press, the brewing magic really gets started. Made of Hario's signature glass, beautiful olivewood, and stainless steel, this press makes a great brew and has the looks to match. Featuring a finely-crafted steel mesh filter, your coffee will brew up rich and flavorful without a mouthful of mud, all while making your kitchen look amazing..

Included in this Bundle:


Hario Olivewood Coffee Press Features:

  • Stainless steel filter and lid
  • Beautiful olivewood accents
  • 300mL Capacity
  • Stainless steel mesh filter
  • Heatproof glass carafe
  • Made in Japan
  • For more information, see our Hario Olivewood Coffee Press listing
  • Comandante C40 MKIII Hand Grinder Features:

    • Full range of grind sizes (Turkish to French Press)
    • Stepped adjustment makes replication easy
    • Beautifully designed, with unique wood veneer styling
    • Transparent lid and grounds bin makes it easy to know how much remains
    • For more information, see our Comandante C40 MKIII Hand Grinder listing.

    Hario Bona Enamel Pouring Kettle Features:

    • Camping-style enameled steel kettle
    • Gooseneck spout for precision pouring
    • Comfy teak wood handle
    • 800mL practical capacity, max capacity around 1.4 L
    • Vented lid with button lock
    • Two-tone enamel design
    • For more information, see our Hario Bone Enamel Pouring Kettle listing.

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